Make me wise. 
Give me the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of you, 
Teach me your ways, 
Reveal yourself to me, show me thyself, 
Thou Mighty Man of War, Thou Mighty Man in Battle, 
Thou Jehovah, my Deliverer,
Teach me, 
I thought it was enough to express my Love and Desire, 
I thought it was enough to have you reveal thyself, 
The Prize to pay is heavy for me, 
I start to pay and then fail and then start over, 
Help my weakness! Help my limitation! 
Reveal thyself inspite of..... Help me... 
I hate to see your children oppressed 
Knowing knowledge and power overturns it, 
Help me..... help me.... 
Even if I never help to set your people free, I desire you, 
I want you, I want to know you.... I want more, 
I want intimacy.... 
Come to me, show me what I need to do... 
What are my consecrations? Show me... 
I hunger and thirst for you.... 

*wrote this as a note in August, 2021. Things are a bit different with where I am with God, more progress, but I'm even more hungry I guess. Felt led to share it so, share I will.

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