Are you in the wilderness?

Ever been in a season where things just aren't working out in your life? Where your life seems like it is capsizing- all the goals you had and plans you'd made for your future seem to be going in a totally different direction from what you had hoped it would? Ever happened to you?

Ever been in a dark place where NOTHING makes sense? You are sure these happenstances aren't ordinary anymore- it’s one thing after another..... you're drowning, you're praying, it's not making sense, there's no one to talk to- everyone you may have had the privilege to talk to is somehow absent- doing well, unreachable, busy with their lives (that is progressive and forward moving), you're alone, not making any progress, stagnant, static, depressed, ashamed to be seen, embarrassed with where you are, asking pertinent questions to God, confused, suicidal, wondering "is this all there is to my life?"- have you been in this place? 

I have. Oh, but by God, I have. It is a lonely, lonely place to be.