New Year In August.

I honestly did not think I’d go this long and not write. I have truly questioned myself and the reason I began this blog in the first place. I literally started this blog to gist you, to share my interests, my discoveries, my thoughts, to analyse issues of interest etc but I’m not sure what has happened or why I stopped along the line. 

There seems to be a lot of noise being made about what a person ought to do with their time on social media. So, if you’re on social media just for the fun of it, on social media and are not selling something or trying to make some money and become an "entrepreneur", then you were some kind of failure or joker. A person to not be taken seriously. And so everyone stays looking around, looking for inspiration on what to start up....
I seem to have been on this journey too. Just looking and looking; joining IG live sessions and teachings, webinars, joining the IG communities whilst they discuss businesses and how to position yourself for great sales on IG- the noise is incessant- and for good too as these all seem to be people who have studied the workings of IG and who understand the algorithms used, the analytics, but, for me, I’m just getting tired of all of that. 
I just want to write but I’m not sure what and how I want to go about it now. Like, do I change to an IG blog? Like, use my page to write my thoughts? 
Or do I continue to write here and hope that people will care about me enough to visit me here and read my thoughts? I like to write here. It affords me the time to gather my thoughts together and put them down, unlike an IG blog that immediately you put out a post, it’s in the faces of a hoard of people who then begin commenting and analysing, blogs are much slower and I like the pace. Is that weird?
I’ve also decided to write everyday from today. I don’t intend to promote my comeback on my page either- I almost feel that distracts me. I just want to write. And I don’t want to feel self conscious about it too, and that sometimes happens every now and again. Scratch that. It’s been happening a lot actually. 
I’ll just do me from now. I’ll quit with looking for what to do next, looking for inspiration for the "next thing", next idea, the whole point was to write a blog where I share my life (well, some of it) and interests. So why have I stopped doing that? Why am I rather focused on what might clearly not be for me as I have yet to have a lightbulb moment or any real interest in it / understanding of it, which is often the indication, to me, that I don’t really love whatever it is or that I felt lost in that world.
Let’s see how it goes anyway. In any case, consistency is the key to any breakthrough anyone seeks. You can’t break even in anything that you are not consistent in and this is clearly something I need to remind myself of daily and aim to apply in my life. 
So, hopefully, I will write daily. Or at least three times a week. 
Let’s see how it all goes. 
If you’re reading this, happy belated new year to you (in August!) and I hope you’ve been having an awesome year. I pray that you are🙏🏾
Till my next entry,
Wishing you Love and Light,

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