My Coffee Journey. 

My Coffee Journey. It was always going to be a flat header even though the subject of interest was the energy juice. 
However, I truly have a relationship with coffee and, it’s been a journey. My relationship with coffee started in, was it secondary school? 🤔🤔I don’t think so. It was in University. I believe it was in the University. 

I drank coffee strictly to keep sleep at bay. This was to ensure that one studied for exams and tests. I also drank what I now know to be copious and dangerous amounts of coffee; I’d often hear the poundings of my heart ringing in my ears whilst I sweated profusely, sleep well and truly murdered. 
I hated the stuff too. It was too bitter. I would press my nostrils close with one hand, close my eyes and throw the bitter and strong drink down my throat, I really hated the stuff. If I had not NEEDED to drink it to ensure that I didn’t fall asleep, I would not have ever drank it. I remember Titi in law school, an acquaintance I had made, telling me that coffee drinking was a "real thing",
"....people actually enjoy it, like, it’s "sweet" to people....", she said to me. I didn’t understand it at the time. At the time, it merely confirmed to me what I thought Titi was, a janded weirdo. A true "janded" nerd. She had all the nerdiness of a goody-two-shoes booky type but also had the "daddy’s-girl" air of a girl who travelled abroad a lot and so she seemed to look at the often frustrating happenstances of the Nigerian society through the lenses of one who knew that there was a better way to live life and who lacked the patience to accommodate ineptitude of any kind. 
Anyway, I’m not sure when I began drinking coffee differently. When I moved to the UK and began working, I’d drink coffee to keep me up at work. But it was no longer extra strong and black the way I used to make it in Uni (with almost 5 heaped tablespoonfuls of instant coffee, who does that? 🤦🏾‍♀️).  It was just a teaspoonful or two of coffee, one or two teaspoonfuls if sugar, water and a tiny splash of milk to whiten the coffee. I kinda began to like it, but not really still. It was still drunk to keep me sharp at work.

Then I sorta began to need it in the morning, especially during my pregnancies; it helped not a little with my morning sicknesses. Now I know that not every mom believes in having a little caffeine during pregnancy; I do. I did. I had researched and found that it was okay to have a cup or two of coffee whilst pregnant and there was nothing to say otherwise so when it seemed to be the miraculous cure to my morning pregnancy lethargy, I stuck with it. 
I then began to really LOVE drinking coffee. In coffee, I found dependability. I know it’s going to make me feel feel better. I know it’s going to keep me sharp. I could be anywhere in the world, totally out of my element and feeling inadequate and simply holding a cup of coffee in my hands and drinking from it would not only give me something familiar to do but also make me feel like I can take anything that would be thrown at me. About.

In coffee, I found maturity. Coffee seems to make "adulting" easier. I now feel like an adult because I enjoy coffee. There is just something "adultlike" about drinking coffee, you mean business. I like that even my kids know that this is "mummy’s drink- leave mummy’s cup of coffee alone". I feel like I’ve grown now. I feel like I’ve suddenly now figured adulting out once I’m drinking coffee 🤷🏾‍♀️, like I now know my "adenini" (ok, so I’m now obligated to explain that comment to those who don’t understand. I will now have to put up a video of Charles Okocha to better explain so, please stay tuned for the explanation of the comment 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️)

In coffee, I found a mood enhancer. Sometimes I need to create a certain mood for myself. Sometimes I need to create a mood for myself that helps me think better, feel better, reason better or work better. When I need that mood, I light scented candles around my bedroom or have a dim light on, I arrange my workspace to be particularly pleasing to my eyes and, by extension, my heart; I turn on some soft jazz music and then I breathe in the delicious aroma wafting out of my cup of coffee...., see eh, when I’m in that head space, nothing can annoy me. As in, it will be hard for anything to annoy me true...
In coffee, I found routine. Coffee gives me something to do, either as a jumpstart before doing other things or something to do alongside other things. So my set daily routine is;
  1. Pray
  2. Brush my teeth
  3. Brush my hair and pull it together with a head band (natural hair)
  4. Put the kettle on (which would have been filled with water the night before in preparation for the several cups of coffee, tea and green tea that would be drunk the next day)
  5. Decide which task of the day to do first, bath kids or prepare breakfast; just generally try to eat my first big frog for the day before my energy starts to deplete
And then through the day, I could have coffee whilst reading as it complements that for me, keeps me sharp; then I can drink coffee after having done a heap of chores and deciding to take a 10-20 mins rest which often entails strolling by social media platforms- the coffee feels like a reward for me; then I can have coffee when I just want to because now I love it and now that I love it, I now appreciate the fact that it keeps me sharp and now we are clear on that I now realise that this is the end of my story and so to keep from doodling any further, I really have to stop now but before I do you have to tell me,
Until my next entry my friends,
Wishing you Love and Light,

P.s: Here’s a link from John Hopkins medical site for a quick scan on why coffee is actually really good for you 😉😉. Hope you enjoy your read 🌸🌸🌸

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