Awkward Labour And After Birth Moments

If you follow me on Instagram and follow my stories, then you know that my car broke down over the weekend. I thought it would be up on Sunday but that has not been the case and so I’ve had to take walks to a few appointments whilst I have someone look after my other kids.
Strolling down today to my six weeks check ( my new born son, apologies for having not mentioned that), I began thinking of all of the uncomfortable things that happened during labour and after birth that I don’t really hear people talk about.
I mean, can we talk about;
1) How absolutely awkward it feels to be "felt up" when your cervix and dilation is being checked?
I mean, I thought that after my first child, it wasn’t going to be a big deal to me but I have felt that way with my second and now third child.
However, I like how "professional" the nurses/midwives make it seem; "I am going to insert my finger into your vagina, you might feel a cold discomfort and if you feel uncomfortable at any point, please let me know and I’ll stop...". I literally laugh on the inside as it’s both funny and super awkward to me.
2) How awkward it can be when they want to inspect your blood letting after birth?

Let me explain. I’ve always been looked after by female nurses after my previous births. I’ve only ever had my water broken by a male Dr once and it felt terribly uncomfortable for me....
After the birth of my son some weeks ago, the Dr doing the rounds comes to me, a friendly Asian man with kind eyes and an equally kind smile. He asked how I was doing and felt my tummy, which he said was contracting beautifully. Then he asked how much blood I was letting and I’d responded that it was just enough, like a regular menstrual blood letting. And then he says, still smiling, "let me see".
I was dumbstruck for a few seconds before I and then I said, "as in, see?", and, still smiling, he said, "yes, let me see", as he used his head to signal that I should open my pant.
Ha! I thought in my mind but responded, "oh, sure!", and got up, pulled up my dress and pulled down my pant for my pad to be inspected🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. Like it was the most normal thing to be asked in the world. I tried to keep a normal, confident look on my face, as though I totally understood that THIS was expected and normal- but, inside, I was so mortified 🤣🤣😂

3) Can we talk about sneezing and jumping or doing any spontaneous activity and the, errrr, leaks that occur?

Ahhhh! I blush!

Just for laughs and documentation.....


My Coffee Journey. 

My Coffee Journey. It was always going to be a flat header even though the subject of interest was the energy juice. 
However, I truly have a relationship with coffee and, it’s been a journey. My relationship with coffee started in, was it secondary school? 🤔🤔I don’t think so. It was in University. I believe it was in the University. 

New Year In August.

I honestly did not think I’d go this long and not write. I have truly questioned myself and the reason I began this blog in the first place. I literally started this blog to gist you, to share my interests, my discoveries, my thoughts, to analyse issues of interest etc but I’m not sure what has happened or why I stopped along the line.