True Passion For Some Or Love-Hate For All?

Hi guys,
Hope you're enjoying November.

This outgoing week was just a bit flat for me, didn't do much promotion for my business as I was just in a different headspace.
Was tempted to go off all social media platforms- and just write my blog. But then what would I do with my business? How would I reach my customers? Do you ever want to up and leave SM? Like I legit get to a point where the hermit in me just wants to recoil inside and be reclusive. I then wonder about people whose major source of livelihood was dependent upon their social media presence- how do they manage? Do they often feel this way? Or is it something they absolutely enjoy and would never stop for the world?
I have come to appreciate the many differences in people. I remember when I first started this blog and was speaking to a fellow lifestyle blogger who was suggesting that I do various things like, Fashion, Make up etc. I explained that I didn't really fancy those things. Like, I couldn't care more or less about them. I do like to look decent and love a little sprucing up of my face by way of a little make up but not enough to convince anyone that I like and would recommend any one lipstick or lip liner. Then I told her that I often secretly wondered at and felt that people who were "make up" people were just doing it for the financial gains and all the other benefits- it was just hard for me to imagine that someone truly got excited about concealer shades and lipstick shades etc. She listened and then said, "people actually truly enjoy make up and everything about it. I used to spend hours on YouTube to perfect my make up skills". I think that was when I realised that this was a real passion- and because I couldn't understand the passion, I figured that maybe the people didn't really feel passionately about it. I think I was inclined to also think this way because alot of people did get some training to become MUAs (make up artistes) because it is lucrative- your services are needed for weddings, headshots, birthdays etc. In the light of that, it makes sense for a person to obviously get the requisite training to enable them tap into the market. Heck, I would take a course to enable me do the business out here in these lonely and expensive UK streets 😂😂😂- but did that mean I had a passion for it? I think it's also the way alot of people jumped unto the blogging wagon since Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija, but, were they truly passionate about writing?
I have found the true test of passion to be, if no one was going to pay you for that thing, would you stop it? My answer would be, I would stop the make up since forever (if I had decided to become a MUA) but would I stop writing? I cannot imagine not writing. Even when I am not writing here, I am writing in my phone, in my notes, in my son's books, in my numerous jotters lying about the house-and it has been this way since I was a child. I have never not written. So it is clearly my passion and I remember a  friend from my late teenage years in those days say to me, " Please leave this your writing thing and find a better handiwork" when we were thinking of possible side hustles to learn whilst on school holiday and I had mentioned looking for a magazine to write for. Back then, I had kept quiet about my passion because, how and what did I think I could write for City people magazine that would interest them? What did I know?
Anyway, the point of this gist now is, I truly wondered if people often felt like quitting SM. Also, I wondered if people with large followings and who had endorsements that required for them to be on social media often felt like just shutting down and shutting off- or could social media be a true passion for some people?
True passion for some or Love-Hate for All?
So happy I got to write and post this. One thing that went as per planned today- didn't have the best day today. Phew!
Have a beautiful weekend my friends,
Love and Light always,
Ps: Sorry guys but I recently enabled the option that disallows anonymous comments. I feel like we are generally more thoughtful and accountable for what we write when we have to sign off our names against our written contributions. Thanks in advance for understanding 😘😘😘


  1. I love social media but it can be highly overwhelming at times and o don't have a massive following. I am just very involved, I often take a week here and there to give myself a break... I want to continue to love it and not come to hate it...

    As for writing, I too have always wanted to write, I will write no matter what... even when I am not writing in my blog, I am writing in my head and leaving notes with idea everywhere... It is my way of working through all the trials I have to deal with xox

  2. I feel like quitting social media loads of times, but it is my main publicity tool so it is a necessary evil for me.