Together, Let Us Stand Up To Weinsteins.

So I meant to put up this post a while back but have been putting it off. The whole story of Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced TV exec, brought it back to my mind and this prompted this post. So sometime last week or two weeks ago, Dencia had a lil fight with Yemi Alade and whilst Dencia proceeded to drag Yemi, some people came for her in the comment section. I read a particular comment of a person calling her a whore who "slept her way to her current status" and when another person challenged the young man with facts that proved that Dencia was indeed a good business

woman with a head for business, the slut-shaming man said "just go on YouTube and type Dencia sucking things and see for yourself". Tbh, as I went on YouTube to "see for myself", I was scared of what I would find as I rather sorta like Dencia ( yes, I know she bleaches, yes I know she's fake (your opinion sha) yes, I know she's this or that but, I admire her sheer grit and shrewd business sense and like her for that). Then I saw this video down here. 

Please watch. 
Watching that video made me feel rage. I felt soooo sad for Dencia, to think that she had to get herself in such a situation to be on TV. I felt sad because SHE had literally been assaulted and victimised by two sick, perverted individuals masking as "directors", two sick men who wanted to indulge their sick fantasies - Ah! 😢😢😢😢. My heart broke 💔💔And then the comments of people saying, "Ah, this makes me know she slept her way to the top, how shameful, I wonder what else she has done, etc", yes, whilst I agree that we should all have good sense as legal adults at 18, the truth is, a lot of us never really made great choices. Throw in a desire to be on TV ( or to attain a certain goal) and perverted individuals in a position of power to help you attain this goal and what you get is inevitable- sexual harassment and, unfortunately, a lot of people cave to it. It is admirable to find people who stand their ground in the face of sexual harassment or exploitation but, that percentage is not as high as we might imagine. Ah, I felt so sick watching the way these men tried to pass off what they were asking her to do as normal and felt doubly sad to see HER try to act normal about it too- I bet you she knew it was absolutely wrong but had to put on that brave act. Poor Dencia. 

Then I saw a video of Thandie Newton talking about how she had gone through this very same thing in her early days in Hollywood. She had been called in for an audition and the director asked her to open her legs in front of the camera and act out a scene of her character making love to someone. Years down the line, someone mentions this to her with her husband and it turns out that that "director" used to show that video of a young Thandie touching herself to people in private parties. Like, how sick is that?! 😷😷😭😭😭. And this is everywhere, EVERYWHERE: universities, politics, industries, banks, entertainment, EVERYWHERE. Women are exploited one way or another and, the truth is, you do these things because of the position you have found yourself in and you try to pass it off as normal too. Then what happens is that your self esteem begins to get eroded. Deep inside, you hate yourself for all the disgusting things you feel you have done- but, in truth, you were only a victim! This self hate births even more self hate and the cycle continues, you see it as nothing anymore and this is one of the reasons people become deeply unhappy and depressed about their lives- even when they seem to have it all. That deep sense of guilt and self shame follows you everywhere. 

The great news is that when you come to Christ, there is now no condemnation and you can begin all over again. Old things are past away and, behold, you have become new. Just, start again and just be. I'm so happy that the society has awoken to the realisation that the issue is not the women who are the victims but the men in the position of power who use their power (power, authority, influence, money) to pressure women into lowering their personal values. Gone are those days where men got away with drugging a girl, sleeping with her and spreading tales about it- the reality has dawned on us that such a one is a rapist- no more, no less. A persona non grata and should be treated as such- not the woman who was drugged and raped. Which was the reason I was so mad at people who sided with Kemen against Tboss in the Big Brother house by saying, "she was massaging him and encouraging him", but did she want to have sex with him? 

People are waiting with bated breaths for more of the leading ladies Weinstein has featured in his movies to come forward, but some of them have stayed tight lipped. He has worked with some real leading ladies like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd etc. The last three have come out to say he sexually harassed them, along with so many other women. I do think that it is very possible that he didn't do this with every one actress he ever worked with but, it's also very possible he's done it with every one of them- people just need to speak up. The weird thing is, almost all the actresses who have said he molested them have pictures of themselves with Weinstein on the red carpet all pressed together- as you would a good friend of yours. The thing is, in this type of situation, the harassment is swept under the rug and seen as normal. With time, you begin to see the harasser as someone who has "helped" your career- especially when you are doing well, and you begin to feel feelings of gratitude to them for "helping" you attain these heights- they become your "personal person" and so you turn a blind eye even when you notice them working with a new actress and knowing that the new person would probably be slaughtered on the same altar as yourself- it is all normal. Then something like this exposition occurs and you are put on the spot and don't know what to do because, remember, they are your "personal person", your friend, you can't out them or tell on them, they "helped" you....... but the truth is, they exploited your naïveté. If they had wanted to help you, there would never have been any need to sleep with you- they would recognise your talent/prospects and work with that. 

We need to take a collective stand, especially women, to no longer stand for the abuse, harassment and shaming that often follows stories like this. As always in stories like this, you will always find women shaming the victim- you can see this in the video above and in almost any story that has to do with a lady whose virtue was compromised one way, "she invited it, she wanted it, this ashawo...etc", it has got to stop. Men who do stuff like that need to feel the full brunt of their irresponsibility and waywardness and not have us women excuse and defend it. We must stop shaming our fellow women who are bold enough to say "enough". Let us stand up to Weinsteins. Let us take a stand against the Weinsteins and leave shaming our fellow women. 

Does this make sense? Please share your thoughts with me. 
Have a beautiful week ahead 💓💓💓❤️❤️❤️
Love and Light❤️❤️❤️💫💫💫💫✨✨

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