I am seeking. I've been seeking. I've been seeking but I am not connecting.

Why? I am seeking your face Lord, I want to know You more, I want to hear from You, I want to please You, I want more, why do You not answer me? Why do You not reveal Thyself to me?
I ask for forgiveness for anything in me that puts You off, I ask for Your Mercy, I am thirsty, I want more, I am no longer satisfied, show me Thyself, show me Your power, can You not hear me? What am I doing wrong?

 I tire to open your Word, but I plead and cry to You for help, to help me to seek You, what would You have me do? Please help me. I am dissatisfied with just being, I need You. Set me on fire for You, help me, use me, I surrender myself to You, do You not want me?
Use me, help me, use me, take over my spirit, help me Lord!!!

You mean more to me than anything in the world. My need for You is more than anything the world can offer, I hunger for You, I need You, show me Thyself, pour out Your spirit in me, Help me. How can I weather the storms of life without You? Help me! Did the people of old not have some sort of assurance? Assure me, O Lord, show me You hear me.....


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  1. That's a heartfelt thirst for the Lord...when you seek ,you will definitely find.
    It is a thought provoking piece,it makes me ponder on my rship with the creator. Nice one! ��