Bleeding Brad.....

3 May 2017

Hi guys,

Happy new month of May! 
I won't bother with a narrative about why I've been away, at this point, it's just pointless. Life has been happening. It is well. Anyway, I want to be more consistent on the blog, to write more and remove my focus from Social Media for a while. Social media is absolutely great. It is such a great occurrence in this time and age and gives us access to opportunities, people, themes, ideas, etc that we might not have ordinarily had without it but, darn, it can be quite overwhelming. It just sorta takes over you if you are not mindful; I'm choosing to step back, step away and try to focus more on why I am here in the first place, which is to write. 

Anyway, I was scrolling through LIB today (No, that isn't the SM I'm taking a break from, I still go on blogs but staying away from IG and the likes for now) and, today seems to be such a jolly day- I still can't believe Banky W is getting married! And to Adesua! Congratulations to them! Such a great fit- I can't think of any other person that could have made a perfect fit for either one of them. I had once thought that Niyola and Banky made a good fit but, not anymore it would seem. 

The story that, however, is the reason for my post was this story about Brad Pitt. So, apparently, he is/was struggling with alcohol addiction which destroyed his relationship with his family.

Reading the story made me feel really sad. I love that he owns his part in the demise of his relationship with Angelina and I truly feel sad they had to go through that whole ordeal. It must not have been easy for their family BUT what I do admire is that Angelina stepped her foot down for the CHILDREN. Her only priority in all of this was not her love for her husband but the well-being of her children. She put her children first and took a walk. I honestly personally don't know any woman who has done this (but then again, not only are our cultures different but our mothers really would never consider leaving because for this type of reason) and I admire her dedication and commitment to her role as a parent. Her children are lucky to have her as a mother. I know I had gloated about their break up here but, in all honesty, I do feel bad for them now- especially when you factor in the children.

I truly wish they could maybe make up because of this, only because I don't really believe in divorce- I do believe in separation to allow people change their ways etc but I would not support divorce because God hates it.

8 May 2017

Look at my life now? I start a post and have to leave off because of the unending responsibilities. Lol.
Anyway, so I was saying that divorce is a no-no for me, as said in the bible, and if you are gonna do it, I believe in staying single until you either reconcile with your previously divorced partner or they are no more. Again, this is not my invention, it's clearly written in the bible and that is what I believe (Mark 10: 2- 12; 1Corinthians 7:39; Romans7:2-3; 1Corinthians 7:11-13). This is why I feel it is soooo important to get the marriage foundation right in the first place. You should not be going in with the intent of leaving if things don't work out. And when you do leave for valid reasons (abuse, DV etc), you should realise that the right thing to do is to stay single. I'll just leave it at that for now.

So I know Brad is a brilliant actor and all but, darn, this shoot was good! I reckon it was staged to show us a Brad who is broken and vulnerable- his gaunt face, the piercingly sad gaze- definitely staged but the depth of his sadness is palpable. I wish him the best. I wish them the best, whatever that may be. I wish them well.....

Hope you all are doing well,

Do take care and may all of our dreams and goals come to a fruition.

Love Always,



  1. I know what the bible says about divorce but thankfully I also believe Heavenly Father understands that sometimes divorce is the right thing... I could never go back to my ex husband... sometime, not all time... there are extenuating circumstances...

    Social media is good... but it can take up way too much time... I have to put limits on my time too... otherwise a half hour can be gone before you know it...

    I haven't been around for quite some time due to being injured and in great pain... I was losing hope, finally my wonderful doctor prescribed a pill that is helping... Now I can get back to writing and blogging xox

    1. Oh Launna, so sorry to hear you've been in pain 😢😢😥. Glad to know you are feeling better. At the end of the day, I do believe everyone who is a believer has to have their personal convictions eventually ❤️🙏🏾