Your Unique Touch And Your Story Are Yours.

Hi guys!

Hope your week is going well! Mine's been so so- I certainly feel like I'm pushing through the best way I can; pushing through the noise and the non-stop hyperactivity going on around me. The best time of the day for me is at night, when the kids have gone to bed and I've just rounded off cleaning the dishes. I relax with a cuppa Valerian and Chamomile tea and just soak in the tranquility. I almost
don't look forward to the daytime due to non-stop jumping around by my energetic son- my gosh. Picture me; my son's endless jumping and banging resounding round the whole house whilst I struggle to have him under control, the neighbour's constant swearing and banging on the flooring, my new baby needing attention, and having to run the house as normal- make certain the kids have their feeds, appointments, etc. The "noise" during the daytime is just too much- I live for the nighttime, lol. The daytime is almost spent in a haze for me, which is why I can afford to be on Social Media, I am almost unable to do cerebral work apart from normal hobby-like work.

Anyway, I was thinking recently about something and thought to share it here. I saw that picture up there and thought I use this to write a post. A lot of times, we limit ourselves because we think what we are doing or want to do has been done to death by others. Or, we have an idea and just before we are about to implement it, someone in our circle does the exact same thing we were going to do (no, you didn't share the idea with them) and so we squash our idea. I used to do this A LOT. E.g, before I decided to begin to share my recipes, I thought, "What's the point? So I'll just come and be sharing jollof rice recipes and the likes on my blog when people like Dooney and All Nigerian Recipes have done it to death- who will care? Or I'll come and be sharing healthy meal ideas when this info is all over the internet- who will care?". 

The truth is, somebody will. There is a reason you have the skill, talent and are in the circle that you are in. Sure, A can be an acquaintance/friend who does the same thing that you do but that should not dissuade you from doing what you want/have/need to do. As long as you keep a clear conscience and are not stealing their ideas or anything like that, there is a reason you've been given the same idea as them to execute at what seems like the same time- there are people that need YOUR particular touch on things, they need YOUR own story, they are in YOUR own circle which this other acquaintance cannot reach- there is a reason you have been given what you have so, you use it. 

Also, I know it's probably not very easy for some of the people I have written about to read their stories here (as I've recently been told) but, the truth is, I am writing MY STORY as honestly as I can, especially knowing that you will be reading. I'm sorry if you feel bad about my recountings, especially if that is not who you currently are but, you see, I am not sorry about writing my experiences and you just so happened to be in them so, write it, I will. I think you should take solace in the fact that names aren't being mentioned and no one, who didn't already know the story(ies), knows it's you so, just read and move on. If you have your own side to it (as there are three sides to every story) by all means, set up a blog- only takes a few minutes- and begin to write yours.

I just thought I write this here. No one's idea is 100% exclusively theirs- a lot of times it's someone else's idea that has been modified and improved upon, so, do you, be/stay creative and not a copy-cat and, in everything, strive to keep a clear conscience. That helps you sleep and live better with no guilt/fear. And write/tell your stories. You owe it to the world and to posterity. 

Hope the remainder of the week goes well...😊

Wishing you Love and Light...🙏🙏🙏
Love Always,

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  1. I used to think why should I write, I am sure it has already been written but I wrote anyway and I learned that although it may have been written it wasn't from my point of view. We all have our views and stores... I say share them often, you never know who you may help xox