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The week started on a not too upbeat note for me. This was mainly because my mum, who'd been visiting, had to leave. I've never been alone with my sons since the addition of our second and so I braced myself and mentally prepared myself for the transition.

Like I get whenever any member of my family is travelling, I was unable to sleep the entire night of the eve of her travel and so I stayed up reading and just trying to mentally prep myself. I held my tears in when I hugged her goodbye after getting her bags into the taxi at 4am. I wished she could stay longer but knew it wasn't possible. It's funny how you cannot really do what you really want to do because of what and  how you are now perceived; I am, afterall, a mother to two strapping boys, I had no business holding on to my own "mummy" and yet.... #realitiesofadulthood.

It surely would not be easy taking care of my boys alone without the daily, physical/present support of/from a partner, it surely would not be easy handling both of them with a lot of necessities still out of place as of now (driving, etc), it surely would not be easy having to take care of them alone whilst actively looking for a job but, God, who has thought me capable of handling this responsibility, will also give me grace in abundance to carry it with equanimity and ease. I have also learned that I, and most people for that matter, am really like metal and tend to expand (beyond even my own expectations) under immense heat. I have seen this to be true in my life; there have been moments what came at me seemed so daunting and insurmountable that I almost felt, at those times, that everything would come crashing down but, once I begin to trust God and take it on one step at a time, I find that I am able to go through whatever it is without even realising- I only find that it's behind me and I get to look back and go, "Wow. I made it through!". And so I do believe that, if it's coming to me, if it's happening to me, then I can handle it else God wouldn't let it come. Hence, the "expansion". 

I set out putting the house in order and "trying out my hands" at the routine I wanted to employ with these two; wake at 6am, pray, exercise and then take a quick shower, bath baby and feed, bath toddler and feed, playtime with toddler, toddler snack time at 12noon, toddler lunch 1-2pm, *insert any fun/outdoorsy activity for the day*, toddler dinner and dessert at 6pm and toddler goes to bed at 8pm. Of course I will be breastfeeding the baby round the clock but haven't written that here since it doesn't require any special preparation. I have also set a bedtime routine for myself and want to begin going to bed at a particular time, regardless of wether or not I had tied up all that I had to do within the day. Let's see how well that goes.

12/1/17 at 9:55Pm.

So far, my routine's going better than I thought it would, and I have handled my two like a pro. I'd have to wake up by 5am though as 6 would not be feasible. This is because my toddler just started preschool and it starts at 7:30am so waking up earlier gives me the time to go through my morning rituals, give them a bath and feed before walking to his school which is a 15 minute walk from home. Not bad at all. My mum made a safe trip and is generally so happy about being back with her husband (my dad)- it must not be easy to be separated from a person you've spent over 3 decades with, even for a minute not to mention months.....

My mum. God bless her. She's been solid.
No one is perfect and, of course, there are times I wish she was "more something", or more like this other mom but, ultimately, she is my mum and ALWAYS has my best interest at heart. A lot of times, this is the reason I may not share certain things that I am "faithing out" with her- she may constantly inquire after it because she cares where my faith requires that I not speak about it or only speak positively about it but, doesn't change the fact that it's all love. God bless her and may all of her dreams come through. 

Anyway, the week is almost over, have a beautiful weekend my friends. Just thought to touch base. How has your week been? Make any New Year Resolutions? How's that going? Please share with me....😊😊😊

Wishing you love and light🙏🙏🙏

Love Always,


  1. I'm in awe of you... raising two little ones aren't easy. On top of that you'll be looking for a job?

    Kudos to you, I had one at a time and I felt that was challenging at times... I hope you're driving now? It'll be easier to takeep your children around.

    I wish you lots of luck with your routine, it's a good way to go♡

    I'm thrilled your mom could stay with you for so long ... that's so nice of her ♡

  2. vings. com said...
    You are doing great dear,its definitely not easy.for me getting a nanny has also help me a great deal...mothers are amazing...God bless her

  3. Awww a lot of us can relate! You are a strong woman, remember that God can never give you things you cannot handle�� bless your mum too. I believe planning is so important as it gives some sort of schedule to your day. It is well dear xx