Family is Loyalty.

Pulled up this blank post to write and there's just so much I really want to write but also so much I'm unsure of as yet. Too many emotions being processed and needing to be aired. I should probably write in a private journal to process my thoughts, and I just might do that but we'll see....
I've recently had to question my blogging and felt the need to step back a bit. This blog is being read by family and friends alike and so it gives a lot of people more insight than they really need to have into my life. A lot of times, I do not mind; and other times, I do not really care. I share what I know is okay to share and that I can afford to share, plus, I began blogging to express my thoughts, to process my thoughts and to clarify my path in so doing. Writing helps me analyse issues as my brain tends to "work" and analyse even as I type the words- I don't really have the words until I begin to type. Before that, all I really have are fuzzy thoughts, coming so quickly at me by the milliseconds, that they need to be captured and pondered for better clarification.

I've recently severed ties with a person I have known for over twenty eight years of my life- a relative- and this severance was a final one. It is final as long as the reason for it subsists and not a day until. This relative showed me the reason we are asked not to put our trust in the arm of flesh and also showed me why I should love and protect my family. They showed me why it is said that bad company corrupts good manners; worse if the "bad company" is a bad and destructive spouse. They showed me that the phrase "Loyalty to family" can be so misinterpreted to mean something utterly different than it should mean e.g a spouse treats you so bad and you call for help and when your family show up for you in loyalty, you suddenly throw them under the bus and treat them like poop at the instruction of your destructive spouse who you think will love you more for doing this whilst the said spouse, insulting your family, laughs and mocks them for coming to your rescue and you interprete that as "choosing to be loyal to my spouse who is my new family". How about letting the spouse see that you come from a home, a family and realising that you cannot be treated like a dog and making them realise how much they really want you in their life thereby coming back for you in humility, love and a change of behaviour? But no, desperate people are, well, desperate. No common sense. No Loyalty....

People, I won't scratch the surface of this further but I'd love to use this medium to say, a spouse who literally cuts you off from everybody you've ever known and loved; parents, siblings, friends, family; who hates and disrespects the family you come from and not only wants nothing to do with them but also wants you to have nothing to do with them; who monitors your interactions with everybody and tracks your every move with technology- DOES NOT LOVE YOU- THAT PERSON IS A KILLER IN DISGUISE! No one THAT insecure is stable. Make no mistake. THAT can never be love. Something is definitely wrong if you've been a stellar individual ALL your life and then you get with a person who EVERYBODY can see is wrong for you and are telling you the same; something is definitely wrong when, since the entrance of this person into your life, you- a hitherto stellar individual- have suddenly become rude, cantankerous, manipulative, dangerously envious/jealous and just totally evil- like a person possessed- Something is most definitely wrong and you need prayers. A toad cannot be running in the afternoon without something being amiss. Take heed.

Anyway, I have severed ties with them as they became the one most major source of all things toxic and negative in my life and, having let them exhaust the grace our family had given them, we took the final decision to let go. And for the first time in a loooonnnggg time, I felt a sense of peace I couldn't describe. It was the sense of peace that comes from knowing you've done all you could have "physically" done to help this person to no avail and realising that what had happened in them was more spiritual than physical and should be handled as such. I am, however, not too happy knowing that they could/would be reading my blog as they do not have any other access to my family and myself. I am not happy to know that they would read about my children, my life and what I am up to. This would not of itself be a bother had I not realised that the change was not only a 360 degree one but was also a dangerous one as it targeted my innocent children. Having grown up to see how my elderly relatives who disliked my dad hated us (his children) and went to unspeakable lengths to try to hamper our progress (but failed in every way), I cannot let history repeat itself so I will be on the alert and will continue to stand in prayer for and over my family. 

This is the reason I haven't blogged much as I kept mentally reviewing what I wrote so as not to let them "know too much" but, you know what, that's ok now. Know all you can and want but I won't be stopped, neither will my children because He that is in us is greater than he that is in you. So I will stand. I will write. I will share. And I will succeed. Make no mistake.

Have a beautiful week my friends and I wish you love and light🙏🙏🙏

Love Always,


  1. I am glad to hear you will still write... I have a particular person who reads all my entries and judge me at every turn... that is her issue, I will always write and she will have to learn to get over it xox

    As for what you say about controlling people not being love, that is so true. It's pretty sad when someone is in that type of relationship and cut off of what is real... cutting them off is something you need to do for yourself... hopefully they will come to their senses one day xox

    1. So true Launna, that is their issue, not ours. I just hope it is not too late when they do....