Linda and I Have A Word For You :)

I was watching a DIY video on Youtube this evening when I saw, on the sidebar, a video about Laura Ikeji's engagement. Curious, I clicked on the video to see what it was about and saw Laura get proposed to- it was such a cute video but that's not what I want to talk about. I saw another video on the sidebar of Linda Ikeji dancing with her sisters (that was boring) and then another video about her quite famous birthday message.
Now, although I'd written about it here, I really had not listened to the video (Not enough time, eh?). I took the time to listen to it and I cried and smiled through it all. I really love Linda. As in, I do and, no, it's not because she's popular or famous or rich- I really, really like her and can relate to her a lot of times. I wish I had known someone like Linda when I was in my early adult years, like, before I got into the university (at 17) or something. I had DESPERATELY wanted a female role model or a mentor but there was no one to mentor me or who I could share my dreams and aspirations with. I remember writing to some columnist (in the absence of blogs at the time) who was a life hacker at the time. I must have been about 19/20 and it was about an issue I was confused about and the response was something along the lines of, " you see why you should not disobey your parents. Go and sin no more". Frankly speaking, a priest would have done much better at a confessional. I had so wanted someone, a woman, to "guide" me, to take me under her wing.... It never even occured to me that my mother could have been that person. As long as I was concerned, she was "mom" that saw all the things that were wrong with me so it was no use compounding or giving her more reasons to judge me.

Anyway, this message will bless you, I believe. I will summarize a few things for the benefit of those who cannot watch the video: firstly, Linda has great drive and a die-hard spirit;
  1. She tried several different businesses before blogging became the source of her blessing.
  2. Sometimes success takes a longer time for some people, let it. It doesn't matter how old you are, never stop believing that you will make it- no matter how long it takes. Do not look at how easy it has been for others, focus on your journey and believe in yourself no matter what anyone says to you. It takes hardwork, dedication and a lot of courage and positivity BUT NEVER GIVE UP.
  3. Again, never give up, guy or girl. Be patient with yourself and with God. As long as there is life, there is hope. (My own words now: no matter how bad your situation is right now as I am writing, realise that it can all just turn around for your great good in a matter of time- and it will if you hold on and just be patient, waiting in hope whilst you apply yourself to positive work. Stay positive).
  4. One of the worst days of her life was when she turned 30. She had closed the office she'd ran for about 3 years that year and had felt like a total failure (in 2010). She'd been bitter at not having been married or being in a relationship and not having had any successes in her businesses but, in all of that, she never stopped believing that she would make it.
  5. She believes that God tests us. She believes that anyone can be blessed as long as they hold on in hope despite the challenges that are wont to come their way as these are the "tests" we, as humans, have to go through in order for God to ascertain that we are ready to be blessed. She believes that it is only after you've gone through this "test" and passed it that God releases His blessings on you. She says sometimes she has to pinch herself to the reality of all she now is considering where she is coming from.
  6. She was desperate to succeed. No sooner had one idea died than she came up with another. She tried her hands at a lot of businesses: started a magazine at some point, ran an events management outfit, ran a modelling agency, filmed a talk show that never saw the light of day, tried to start a modelling reality tv show, wrote a book (I'd love to read that!). She was tagged a Jack of all trades because of this but she kept making all these moves and putting in all of this effort. 
  7. She is ready to meet the one guys!!! I wish I had someone for her tbh, lol. I'd so love to make that match 😏 She can't wait to be a wife and to have kids and her friends are now on board to try to hook her up 😊.
I think Linda makes for a good role-model for young ladies. I know people have their misgivings about this but, people like Linda, Toke Makinwa and Arese Ugwu are the Nigerian women I would have wanted to be like had I been younger. Different strokes for different folks. That's just my opinion. At my current age and from this point, I admire and love the drive and tenacity of these three women, never mind that this same drive has seemed to keep the men away. I think we need to raise men who are not afraid of strong women and who encourage their wives to set and achieve their life goals. I am thankful I get to raise two sons to become men and pray that God gives me the wisdom and Grace required to do an excellent job. Too many weaklings running about needing their fragile egos to be regularly massaged, God forbid that I be the mother to raise such a man. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video 😊, but, before you go, do you think Linda is a good role model? If not, why?
Wishing you love and light🙏🙏🙏,

Love Always,

P.s: For those not too sure, Linda Ikeji is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria and, Africa, really😏

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