Catch up and Thanksgiving.

Hi guys!

My God. First off, I apologise for upping and leaving the way I have but I honestly needed to effect a quick and much needed shut down. I apologise. I didn't think I would need a break as I had felt I would be able to co-ordinate being a new mom and blogging effectively and efficiently but, alas, that has not been the case. Anyway, how are you? 😀 OMG! An emoticon! I've barely been gone two months and blogger's updated their app/product/site. I apologise again. Hopefully this won't happen again- at least not without some kind of notice.

So much has happened. So much. Trump became president, TB Joshua got dragged for giving an inaccurate prophesy, Toke Makinwa became or is becoming, I lost a dear one, MMM got frozen, Kanye lost it, The Kardashian empire welcomed another into their clan, Thanksgiving came and went with grandma "naming" what was to be served which trended, we were and are still being entertained with different creative versions of the Mannequin challenge....... So much, I literally could not keep up and after a while, I became very selective about what I watched on the news or read on blogs. I also have not kept up with my favourite blogs and only about manage to stroll by Bella's every other day to trace back in search of any comment-ladened story and read same up. 

Anyway, I am honestly so thankful to God for a lot of things that fell into place for my family. Part of the reason why I've been away too is because we've been in waiting and a lot has fallen into place. For this, I am thankful. As the year is slowly coming to an end, I can look back at all the trying times and points we faced in the course of the year (some of which I have shared with you) and say that God has been faithful and that it takes courage and blind faith sometimes to win. Courage. This is my second son's name and this because of how seemingly shaky things were and how we forged ahead in blind faith and Courage regardless. 

I shared with you how we moved homes but what you did not know was that we did not want to move at the time, we were asked to move because I was pregnant. The property, it was said, was originally meant for two people sharing a flat and that it was one thing to have one child in the apartment but that the landlady didn't want to have more than one child in the flat. You can imagine how I felt to feel prejudiced, AGAIN, because of having been pregnant. I felt very bitter and this was closely in the wake of the other incident (sorry, no plug-ins and I have removed the story- no vex). When we tried to contest it as there was no clause stating that the apartment was not child friendly in the tenancy agreement, we were simply told, "You know what? The landlady wants to use her property. Period.". And there was a clause to that effect as long as the required amount of notice was given. Whilst this was happening, my family was in another kind of waiting where moving homes was the last thing we needed and I'm not talking giving birth to our son. So, yes, it's been a truly trying year but God has seen and will continue to see us through and prepare a more better way for us.

I know it's past "Thanksgiving Day" but my Thanksgiving Day is everyday really. On this day of this year, I am thankful for my two children. I am thankful to have turned thirty in November.  I am thankful for a loving, stable husband who has been as solid as a rock! Sometimes I cannot believe how shaky our start was when we fought so much, gosh! I would wonder at how other newly wedded couples gushed about "marrying their best friends" and wonder if they were just lying because, surely, they couldn't tell me there were no daily arguments where you say A and the person understands B and you get upset for needing to explain that you meant A. In retrospect, I think that is why it's all easier now, we went through the tough phase from the start. I imagine our start like putting different sizes and textures of nuts in a blender and proceeding to blend. The first 20 seconds just grates your eardrums and almost drives you nuts (pun intended, 😂)😊 before it begins to settle into a smooth swirl when the nuts have been reduced to a fine blend. Well blended out personalities, thankfully. I am thankful for my family as a whole. I am thankful for the new connections and friends I have made and I am still hoping my path crosses with that of my Elizabeth; that female friend who is a God-sent prayer partner, true friend, sound board and who sharpens you up spiritually, as do you, her. Just like Elizabeth was to Mary, mother of Jesus.

I hope to blog more after now- this is really to break my "blogging-fast", in a manner of speaking/writing.
So, how have you been? I'm so sorry I haven't responded to comments on previous posts- I will do that now. Please share what you are thankful for with me and I wish you love and light🙏🙏🙏😘

Love Always,


  1. It's great to see you back, it seems this year was extra tough on so many of us. I didn't realize you had to move so suddenly and being pregnant at the same time... how challenging. I am glad you were able to find another place, one I hope you can call home for a long time.

    You know, I wonder about people who say they have this fairy tale romance, really... who doesn't fight from time to time... it's good that you got it out of the way early one... lol

    Have a great week xox

    1. Unfortunately, I don't know that we can call this new place home, lol, the neighbour downstairs in stressing so I don't see us being here long. I'm so glad i am back Launna. Also thankful that you are back blogging too! :)