Linda and I Have A Word For You :)

I was watching a DIY video on Youtube this evening when I saw, on the sidebar, a video about Laura Ikeji's engagement. Curious, I clicked on the video to see what it was about and saw Laura get proposed to- it was such a cute video but that's not what I want to talk about. I saw another video on the sidebar of Linda Ikeji dancing with her sisters (that was boring) and then another video about her quite famous birthday message.

Shut your toddler up!!!

When your neighbour is a piece of work 😭😭😭                  
So we recently moved into a flat in a beautiful neighbourhood. Assides the lack of ample storage that I had noticed a tad too late, every other thing seemed really perfect about this area. Until it wasn't.

Catch up and Thanksgiving.

Hi guys!

My God. First off, I apologise for upping and leaving the way I have but I honestly needed to effect a quick and much needed shut down. I apologise. I didn't think I would need a break as I had felt I would be able to co-ordinate being a new mom and blogging effectively and efficiently but, alas, that has not been the case. Anyway, how are you? 😀 OMG! An emoticon! I've barely been gone two months and blogger's updated their app/product/site. I apologise again. Hopefully this won't happen again- at least not without some kind of notice.