Are You A Feminist?

I know I haven't blogged in a while and, trust me, no day passes by without me having something that really needs to be blogged but..... Life's just been happening so fast here and I can't seem to keep up with all of the happenstances around the world- at least enough to actually blog about them- so I think, "Well, we're all observing what is happening, aren't we all?"

Fascinating, Fascinating Jews!

A typical London Jewish family in 2016
My new baby had to be circumcised a few days ago. This is the case as the hospitals in the UK do not conduct the circumcision as I heard it is done in the USA and so most Christians have to go to private hospitals or to the mohels in the Jewish communities to get this done. Thankfully, this was a procedure we were already used to as we had employed the services of a Jewish Mohel when DS1 was born.

New Baby, New Attitude To Contend With!

So a few people who follow my personal social media handles already know I put to bed a week ago. YES!!! I have a new baby boy! Another gorgeous baby boy too! I'm so grateful, to say the least, so so grateful....