Mr Freeze and His Bae.

If you follow Mr Freeze on Instagram, the other thing you'd notice apart from his great love for wristwatches and his ever present opinion on everything is his love for good food and his darling BAE! I find it very amusing (and endearing too) when men celebrate their women online, maybe it's because a lot of men aren't cut from this cloth, the ones that are make me feel warm inside- in a good way! :)
Granted, a lot of men who do this have ulterior motives for it but it's cute when you see a man genuinely appreciate his wife/partner/bae for all to see. I say this because I know a serial cheat and womaniser who is 24/7 online praising the virtues of his beautiful wife and showing off the latest gadget he's bought her- in those cases I think the real motive is to get the attention of girls who'll want a bit of that action for themselves too. This isn't just one person either, a few womanisers I'm aware of are guilty of this. It could be the guilt of the fact that they cheat on their wives that causes them to put out all that affectionate message online or it could be another means of getting the attention of girls who like already taken men- I wouldn't know and can't say but I do think Freeze is a man who likes to be in a committed relationship. I say this because he's been married before and had "allegedly" been in an abusive relationship before having to leave the said relationship. Then he begins to date BAE and begins to flaunt her all the time on his page before getting engaged to her- these, to me, are the signs of a man who loves to be in love and who loves committment- especially the fact that he displayed her picture all the time whilst they were just dating.

Anyway, it is Mr Freeze's Bae that has caught my attention. I found out that Bae is actually the CEO of Dicta yoghurt, a very popular and great quality yoghurt brand in Port Harcourt and is also "allegedly" divorced with kids (she's got a kid with Freeze now though).  Allegedly, amidst rather serious rumours of her ex husband having been on the down low and preferring to play for the other team, the poor woman sought her rest of mind via getting a clean divorce and opting not to watch war room on an already lost cause. Good on you lady! No one deserves to be married to a fag- certainly not a ravishing young lady like madam Bae!

This is where I really love what Mr Freeze is doing though. You know how in our society, a divorced woman is looked upon as probably lacking in certain values: maybe respect, submission, domesticity, not enough wife-material-yards etc. Well, Mr Freeze's constant celebration of his beautiful Bae and praise for her excellent culinary skills makes you realise that this Bae is a 100% wife material! I mean, he has all these little stories attached to the pictures; of Bae asking what he would like for his breakfast/lunch/dinner and going straight into the kitchen to prep him a feast! In this day and age where women, being high achievers, haven't got time for such pamperings, if that right there isn't an act of "submission", I don't know what else is. Especially knowing that madam Bae herself is a high achiever and a successful entrepreneur, that's certainly saying right there that this is a good woman who simply had the misfortune of marrying one who was not supposed to probably marry a woman...... allegedly! (Note how I have peppered this gist with "allegedly" upandan. I no fit shout...).

Anyway, just thought I bring you the gist of Freeze's beautiful bae. The pictures of her meals leave me salivating and I think Freeze is veeerrrryyyyy lucky to have her- I hope he knows that and treats her like a prize! Finally, I love how a man's love for a woman can change how society looks at the woman..... :)
That's all!!

Love Always,


Photo Credit: Daddyfreeze's Instagram page


  1. Wow... I love dicta yogurt and had no idea she is the CEO. And freeze doesn't joke with her @all which is awesome

  2. I have great respect for men that love and respect their women. It's sad there is still so much judgement of women today, what about the men?

    1. It's all gradually getting balanced out. Here's hoping..

  3. She's really pretty.Freeze and wristwatches though...