Sleep Training My Toddler.

I have tried several times, albeit half heartedly, to sleep train DS to no avail. The reasons for the failures had often been because I could not bear to hear his heart-breaking cries when I put him in his room and also because I just loved his company either ways. What this then meant was that, a lot of times, I ran my day always feeling tired and sleep deprived- and yet, I would have it no other way,

When The Break Up You Were Waiting For Happens!

My first reaction when DH called me from the living room to come listen to the news of the Brangelina split on BBC was, "OMG!!!!! YESSSSSS!! THANK GOODNESSSSSS!!!!!!", before I realised I would now be officially classified as a "hater", lol! Forgive me if my views seem quite unforgiving but I'm just expressing myself; I've been waiting for this break up to happen like forever, seriously, they lasted longer than I ever hoped they would!

Happy Belated Birrthday Linda!

I know I'm late but I'm taking things at my own pace at the moment and will not be rushed, thank you! Lol! Anyway, our own Linda Ikeji, the most influential African blogger, turned 36 this week and shared a lovely message with her fans:

Why Is It Difficult To Forgive The Female Half Of A Cheating Duo?

I was minding my business whilst feeding my eyes on the juicy tidbits other people were putting out on social media (I know, not exactly "minding my business" right? #sigh) when I came on a post by Katie Price yesterday. She'd posted a picture from an interview she had granted the Sun newspaper-

Inspiration: This Is Our Thirties!

I've just read something so impactful and insightful, I felt the need to share on the blog. The writer of this piece is Ozzy Etomi and I could relate to A LOT of things she wrote about: so much of it! This is really our 30's and what I can say is that though we all are probably having different experiences, ultimately, we are each experiencing the same type of realisation that comes with being in our 30's.

Hello September + Mastering The Art of Tidying!

Happy New Month of September guys!
I just thought to leave a line, just so cobwebs don't grow in here...... I'm truly sorry I haven't posted as much/often as I have truly wanted to- so much on my plate but, I know you've heard that before.
I'll be moving homes within the week and have literally been up and about trying to figure out what should go where. I'm not in charge of taking care of the move proper but there's things that need to be decided before DH is around to do all of that. It's just not easy doing all this at this stage of my pregnancy- I wish we'd have got to it like three months ago.