Money Money Money! (1)

So, lately I feel I've come to some sort of cross roads, only, this particular one  is one I've been on before and somehow still have been unable to move out of; constantly thinking of how to make money. I read financial books and am told, "You need to look around you and find what people need, THEN, provide that service that people need! THAT is how you make money!". Then I look around me and, like play, like play, almost every perceivable need I can think of off the top of my head, I see people already providing services to- literally ALL of them. Also, I know that financial freedom is different from "earning" money- you need to be able to, say, have a job (and be earning some kind of money from it) to be able to save and invest towards gaining "financial freedom"(being debt free and all) but, what about the people who are unemployed and have become despondent because they feel all efforts to create a stream of income is failing them? Where do they start from? What happens if life deals you those cards- are you equipped to navigate those murky waters?

Then I started working and, though I earned a salary, somehow, the money seemed to almost never be enough after expenses were made. I purchased a really good finance book from Nimi Akingube but  never really quite read the book as the need to feed my spirit with spriritual books overtook the one for finance- but I knew I would come back to it. Earlier in the year too, I had booked a spot at a women's seminar holding in PortHarcourt when I came to Nigeria and had been excited to finally hear a finance person who literally always professes that her coachings would "Change your live forever and turn you into a millionaire housewife!", Okay!!! I wanted in already! The only thing was that after having booked this spot, some family issue came up on the Saturday that it was to be held and I had to cancel my attendance. Then I had the opportunity to actually be in a live online class given by this millionaire lady and I hear her echo these same familiar words again, "Look around you and find what people need, THEN, provide that service and THAT is how you make it!". Obviously they are onto something but I look and see all the needs I can think of already being provided for. Obviously I am not thinking and looking hard enough. Or perhaps I haven't gotten adequate financial education- but is there any tailored to making you perceive possible business opportunities? Is there one tailored to unlocking and opening up your mind- like a pandora's box- to begin to see business opportunities everywhere? Because I need that.

Anyway, Arese Ugwu wrote a financial book called Smart Money Woman and I bought this book with the same intent as I've always had: to unlock my mind. I've always followed SheLeadsAfrica on Instagram and thought how it was a quaint afro group connecting African women all over the world and who are making an impact in the business world: although I wanted in, a part of me felt that one probably needed to have an already viable business they were probably looking to either promote or learn how best to promote to get any substance from such groups so, I followed from afar.
Well, I see the next day that Arese had two tickets to give away for the forum holding in London and the ticket cost 340 pounds and all you needed to do was take a pic of her book which you have purchased to win this. I did it and won the ticket!

Now, before I had won the ticket, I'd asked myself briefly, "What if you win this ticket, would you actually go? It's like an hour thirty minutes trip from you and is on for three days, where will you keep DS if you go? Is it worth leaving DS with someone he might not be comfortable with?...". I pushed all these thoughts out of my mind and reckoned that I'd cross the bridge when I got to it. Yesterday, coming back from my Dr's appointment, I step into my home and my ipad, automatically syncing with the wi-fi, notifies me that I had won the ticket. I sat down to REALLY think of the ramifications and plan myself and found that I could only attend on Friday as Saturday and Sunday were already booked. Then the questions and doubts began coming again, "Is it worth it though, the time you will spend away from DS? Are you comfortable with the person you plan to leave him with? He has never been with them before, will he be happy? What will you even wear- with this your belle that cannot enter any cloth?  How certain are you that the seminar will have anything for YOU? What if it's just the same old, same old- what new thing can they possibly teach you apart from identifying and providing people's needs, saving and investing (obviously for those who are making money already) and growing your business/networking online? What else that you cannot just sit down at home and read out of that book that you have refused to read?". 

These niggling questions plagued the heck out of me, justifying themselves by saying, "Afterall, it's not like you have spent money buying the ticket", but then the me-me goes- "Yeah right, but at least another person would have been given this opportunity! If I don't go, I would have deprived another of the opportunity!". After much back and forth, I knelt down to pray and it came. It was just a very peaceful, soothing nudge that I go ahead with attending the programme. With this peace in my heart, I set out packing DS's bag and just putting things in order for Friday. 
I don't know what to expect of and from this forum but I'm just going to attend like a human-sponge. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend and I believe DS will be fine for the hours I will be away. I will try to soak up as much as I can, I'm not going with a long list of questions I need answered, I just want to go, learn, see if I'll find that one key I need to unlock my mind and if  not, well, it'll all count towards one of my experiences, no? I'd also probably meet really lovely people too. Well, here's hoping......

Are you a business person, an Entrepreneur or a professional? For the business people/Entrepreneurs, how were your ideas birthed? Did you struggle at anytime with any of this or did it just come easily to you?

Love Always,


  1. Do enjoy ur trip and dont forget to share what you learn with us..definitely u are not alone on the struggle!!

    1. Thanks alot dear and I will defintely share once I've collated the materials and my thoughts.... :) :)

  2. From your excitement one couldn't tell you had so much doubt's about going. Did it meet your expectations? Was it like others you've attended? Do share

    1. Lol Lohla, right?! It all goes down in the mind finally, doesn't it? I'd say it wasa a 50-50 thing to be honest. Will share soon!