Here They Go Again....

So these scammers have now also started UK geared scams? Why am I even surprised and disappointed by this, of course they must've been doing this a long time now- I just never expected or thought I'd experience it.

So this morning, the message above came into my phone (as a text message) asking that I click on the secure link to "activate my Claim". I thought hard and then went through my official files just to be sure: I know I had never received any recent letters from HMRC about a tax refund- although I've had to recently make a Claim- which was the reason I was a bit unsure in the first place because, by default, I never trust any "links" that lead to wherever and never click them. This, however, got me rather curious so I clicked the link and was taken to what seemed to be a legit HMRC page, government insignia/logo and all, asking that I input all of my details in the assigned boxes- including my bank details- and telling me it could take four weeks to process the said claim. I stopped here and closed the link thinking I cannot fall for any silly ruse or scam- I made a mental note to call the HMRC office on Monday for verification.

This evening, whilst I was gisting DH about the message, I opened it again on my phone and proceeded to click on it so as to read what came up to him when I saw that the anti-virus on my phone had automatically blocked the page- meaning it was a scam! 

I'm glad I now know about this- I'll still call the HMRC office come Monday to verify but I aleady know what I'll be told. It's just a shame really that one so obviously intelligent (because I imagine that only a really smart person can replicate/duplicate an original so flawlessly) should waste such intelligence on crime. It is well. Just thought I put this out there in case anyone ever experiences this- DON'T FILL IN YOUR BANK DETAILS ON ANY ISOLATED LINKS SENT TO YOU!!!

Love Always,

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  1. I am with you there... I get so many scam emails about my Pay Pal, my bank, my email... I just shut them down and then delete them... I have been trying to get that into Valentin's head too... I don't want her to be taken and with social media, it is much to easy... I am glad you didn't fall prey to scam xox