Happy New Month Guys!

Hi guys!

Happy new month of August! I know this is six days late already but like I always say, better late than never :)

I've meant to put up a post literally everyday but I've been swamped up with online meetings and Dr's appointments. Also, I literally stumbled into last week without my usual drawn up daily plans (assides from the pre-scheduled Dr's appointments and online team meetings I've had to attend) and so when I'm done with these meetings, I find myself exhausted and end up whiling away time (Instagram and Instagram Stories anyone? Lol!). Last week was literally the most unproductive I have felt this year only because it all felt unplanned to me and I ended up spending soooo much darned time on Social Media, my gosh, I had an overdose! I did manage to get some things done, but there were still a lot I had left undone simply because I'd refused to just follow a proper schedule so I've noted this to myself and hope to do better from today.
How are you? What's your year been like so far? I pray August is good and bring glad tidings our way. Do take care and stay tuned in!

Love Always,

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  1. It's very easy to get caught up with social media... I limit my time to a couple of minutes here and there, however; I do have 5 social medias, 3 of which I am quite active on ... Also, I have been taking a couple of days here and there off of blogging, I follow many blogs but I take a break so I don't get totally burned out... xox

    I hope August is good for you too xox