Errr..... I Don't Know You Like That!

 Sometimes I wonder what actually goes on in some people's heads and minds when they act in certain ways, I almost want to be in their head to understand why they take certain actions or inactions. So I am in this group with ladies who I know from way-back-when and it's just amazing to
see how much everyone's grown. It's particularly amusing to me that you find yourself, in such groups, actually liking people you never knew you'd actually like simply because you never really knew them or had any reason to interact with them back then. Now, even though you may not really be interacting with them personally, you get to watch their interactions with others and, a lot of times, for me, you find that you "get them", you "get" their humour and you feel like you and them could be really good friends.
I also like that when you've probably noticed this, it is a lot easier to begin to interact with the person by laughing specifically at their jokes, tagging them in your responses- I believe these are all subtle ways to send out the unspoken message, "I really like you!". :)
Anyway, there was just this one really awkward situation like that got me cracking up and cringing at the same time. So everyone in this group gets to introduce themselves and promote their businesses- remember, some people have not been in contact with others for decades so there is alot of catching up. This one chick, who you'd say is doing well in the business that gets you noticed and helps you grow a brand easily, goes, "Hi All, My name is ****, you can also call me (business name), I am a ****,  *****"." Even though it had been a tad too impersonal and aloof, especially in the light of the fact that everyone was being light hearted and seemed generally happy to catch up, I daresay no one took notice of that. Expectedly too, she's not very active on the group but then, something else happened that made me double up in laughter. So she comes on and makes a comment and, a friend/acquaintance from way back who had not known she was there, shocked that she'd actually been there all along, goes, "OMG, Yvonee*! Is this you?!! Girl! Where have YOU been?". She says something like, "I'm okay- I'm not sure I know who *** (nickname against number) is though...". Chica goes on to hurriedly say something like, "Ah, its me, Joke*! Girl, I've been looking everywhere for you! I follow you on Instagram now, don't tell me you never noticed?!".

*Crickets* *Crickets* *Crickets*

And that was it my people, kikikiki! I just couldn't really, it was painful to observe and, no, it was clearly not an oversight- it was just a plain ass ignoration. Well, for the sake of probable misconception, I'll leave open a possibility that she might have simply missed the rather excited address directed to her but..... *shrugs* Obviously the reason I am writing this is not about the person but, the attitude behind that type of action (or inaction). I think that even if you do not necessarily want to chat with a person or keep up contacts with a person, I do think there are subtle ways to send your message across without coming across as rude or outrightly hurting other people's feelings. For instance, you could say that it was nice to see them there after such a long time and hope that they are well, then keep it moving.

Granted, there are instances that you just cannot help; eg, where you've tried to interact in a very civil manner with a person who themselves are hyper-sensitive and are wont to take everything you do out of context and think that the world is out to hurt them, look down on them or belittle them- in that case, it's really not your problem but the problem of the over-sensitive person to work on their extremely low self esteem.

I just think that we should try to be nicer to one another, regardless of whether or not we reckon the other party could play an important role in our lives or not- Just Be Nice. It won't take anything off of you actually to try to act sociable- even if you do not feel like being sociable. I daresay from acting it, you will begin to find that you are actually open to that life- it might not be your "lifestyle" but when you have to interact with others, its best you adopt basic social graces rather than acting like a weirdo and when people call you a weirdo, you say you're being your real and authentic self and only a few select people understand your "uniqueness"- honey, you've got an attitudinal problem that you need to fix- it's as easy as that. Let us not excuse bad behaviour as quirky uniqueness.

Of course, no one is perfect and we all fall into little attitude funk every now and then but, try to stay aware. I particularly have, like, an internal compass that immediately lets me know I've gone off course- then I try to redirect. Some people don't have this- and they really should. You can't go through life oblivious to the fact that your "quirky" annoys or hurts other people's feelings. Everyone wants to feel important, valued and worthy- I don't know how treating others with contempt makes anyone feel good- I for one hate myself when I've been rude or done something mean-spirited/spiteful/contemptuous to someone- it literally weighs me all the way down (and normally, when I'd do this is when I'm generally unhappy with life- it happens) and I try to make ammends quickly. Your internal compass really should direct and redirect you- except you don't just care and, frankly, if that makes you sleep better at night, then knock yourself out and I hope you don't choke on your attitude. That's all!

Have a great week ahead folks!

Love Always,


  1. Lol @ I hope you don't choke on your attitude. I often also wonder why people behave a certain way too, is it to gain respect, enemies, friends... And when someone calls them out they scream haterrrr. Lools.

    1. I sometimes feel it might be innate insecurities at play.... or just a senseless superiority complex, who knows?

  2. I agree, there has to be a nicer way to handle it then like that... I'll never understand people either... but lately very little shocks me .. ♡♡♡

    1. I used to think not a lot could shock me but I've found that I am still very "shockable" if there is a word to describe it, haha! X

  3. I agree. It doesn't cost much to just be nice :-)

    1. Absolutely nada! Thank you for visiting! Don't be a stranger!