E-Reader (Kindle) Vs Paperback?

I've been buying a lot of books lately and have been caught in the web of either buying books on my Ereader or ordering a paperback version. I've been so indecisive that I had to look on the internet to see if book readers were also struggling with this: Alas! I believe it is Reader-Epidemic! I mean, it's actually a "thing" that has got people riled up, some for the Ebook and others, the paperback. This was what Huffington post had to say about this conundrum:


Money Money Money! (1)

So, lately I feel I've come to some sort of cross roads, only, this particular one  is one I've been on before and somehow still have been unable to move out of; constantly thinking of how to make money. I read financial books and am told, "You need to look around you and find what people need, THEN, provide that service that people need! THAT is how you make money!". Then I look around me and, like play, like play, almost every perceivable need I can think of off the top of my head, I see people already providing services to- literally ALL of them. Also, I know that financial freedom is different from "earning" money- you need to be able to, say, have a job (and be earning some kind of money from it) to be able to save and invest towards gaining "financial freedom"(being debt free and all) but, what about the people who are unemployed and have become despondent because they feel all efforts to create a stream of income is failing them? Where do they start from? What happens if life deals you those cards- are you equipped to navigate those murky waters?

Divorce: Learning To Love Again..... (2)

He did agree to having had a tough time with being open and how he had struggled with it and tended to jettison a budding relationship once he saw certain characteristics or traits in a woman he couldn't immediately understand but said he believes he is ready now. It hurt me to think that this Ikenna, handsome, caring and open Ikenna; who I had had a crush on back in my school days (he was my elder brother's friend and had asked me out when I'd been about to get into the university but I hadn't agreed: somehow along the line, we grew close and would chat like siblings and I grew to like him but the ship had already sailed, lol!) was now this distrustful person who's been unable to open his up his heart.

Divorce: Learning To Love Again..... (1)

"Where are all your single friends eeee!!", I saw on my messenger out of the blues and chuckled. It was Ikenna*, a very close family friend of mine who lives in the US. He quickly called me and we chatted for over an hour and caught up on life in general. I really like Ikenna, more so because he is an open person; I know you can argue that "open" is not really a good thing to be in the present world today but I still find it refreshing to talk with a person whose honesty shines through, whose sentences are not peppered with uncomfortable pauses whilst they weighed their words, whose stories/gist/tales do not run like a maze: there is a blockade at every point and a confusing retraction- I really hate speaking to people who make a simple conversation seem like a game of chess!

There Is A Time And Place.

So I've been having a pretty okay week this week and hopefully it either stays this way or even gets better- here's hoping. I've had a few meetings with my work team within this week and something happened that made me think I better make a post- just in case some people out there do not know these things.

Here They Go Again....

So these scammers have now also started UK geared scams? Why am I even surprised and disappointed by this, of course they must've been doing this a long time now- I just never expected or thought I'd experience it.

Happy New Month Guys!

Hi guys!

Happy new month of August! I know this is six days late already but like I always say, better late than never :)