What Is Your Purpose?


 So I saw this post above on LIB and went on to Reno's page to see if he's turned into a pastor or some such thing: he's got really inspirational quotes and nuggets on there and  he states in his profile that he is the founder of some Mind of Christ Christian Centre; that certainly explains his inspirational disposition. I like Reno and think he is an intelligent man so it's great to see his handle used to disseminate wisdom.

Anyway, what I want to talk about today is about Purpose and the clarification of it. 
What is Purpose? Simply put, Purpose is the reason for which a thing exists. There is a popular saying that goes like: where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. I remember back in, was it 2009 now abi 2010? Can't remember but I made a friend called Maple: he was just this young man who was very different; he saw life in a different and refreshing perspective and he had a lot of depth. 

I'm always intrigued by people who can engage the intellectual and almost spiritual aspect of my mind without necessarily talking about faith and church. I am intrigued by people who read books- and I'm not talking books simply relating to their careers but books that talk about the development of self: the mind, emotional intelligence, branding, growing networth.... that sort of thing. I am intrigued by people who study people they want to be like and who have big dreams. 

We did not have shi-shi to our accounts, but we had dreams of being billionaires- of selling sugar and salt like Dangote and growing it into a conglomerate worth billions. We had not a shilling to our names but we dreamt of big businesses and drafted business plans. He had encouraged me to send my business plan for the Youwin competition (a competition that encouraged Nigerian youths to set up their own businesses by providing funds for such start ups. One qualified to get funding by applying for a business plan competition- the business plan was scrutinized and if your business was found viable, you were provided funding to start your business- one of the really great ideas the Federal Government at the time came up with: it has now been halted in Buhari's current dispensation) which I did but never quite got to draft a better one and apply a second time (because I wasn't chosen the first time I applied) - I had gotten caught up with other issues that totally drowned out those ideals. He already had a magazine at the time and had authored a book and, although he was still finding his feet, I was certain without a doubt that he was headed somewhere. It's funny because Maype has the same qualities I see in Reno and Fela Durotoye; they just aren't really like the "regular" Nigerian guy.

Anyway, in the course of our friendship, he talked to me about Purpose. Purpose? I asked, not quite sure how one "knew" their purpose, "Do you know your purpose?". He answered in the affirmative and went ahead to explain his purpose to me; he even had it in an acronym- it was that clearly defined. I was amazed and dumb smacked because I had not known that someone's "Purpose" was something that was so important to know that one could/would form same into an acronym and put up somewhere. Since that time up until now, I feel like I am still looking to clarify my purpose. Much like looking for wisdom, I pray for wisdom as well as for the clarification of my purpose but I still cannot tell you, off the back of my head, the "reason" I'm here. I can tell you the reason I "believe" I am in this world because this reason I "believe" is what I hope to God for and I exercise my faith by speaking and believing my hope- afterall, faith is the substance of things "hoped" for- Hebrews 11:1- but I find myself wondering, is that what TRUE PURPOSE is? 


I'm impressed to see and know people who have clarified their purpose, young or old, I find it admirable and I hope anyone who's done this and is reading this can provide some insight as to how they came to this realisation/discovery- please share with me (us) as I am curious and eager to learn. I've learned that your purpose is directly related to that one gift God has placed in your life- what is it? I believe that when I do find and "hit" my purpose, everything will then "seem to make sense" and to "fall into place". I feel like when I do get there, it will hit me like an epiphany; it'd make me think, "So this, THIS is the reason for EVERYTHING - for this gift, for these experiences, for everthing- to lead me right up to this place!!!". 

Until then, I'm taking each day at a time, praying and working towards the clarification of my purpose.

Have a great week my friends!
Love Always,


  1. I work on and think daily about what my purpose is too... I think as a majority of people I know we live below our potential because of fear or apathy.

    I sometimes think I am making headway and I realize I have to keep working at it... we should never give up xox ♡

    1. We should indeed never give up in seeking this Launna. I've missed your blog- keep saying I'll go on but these few weeks have been, for lack of a better word, crazily busy. It is well.

  2. LOVE that first quote. Thanks for sharing!