Baring It For The Bump: Yay Or Nay?


Browsing online yesterday, I saw this post on LIB and, taking a screen shot, I made a mental note to put this up for discussion here. So they woman in the picture got naked to do a pregnancy shoot so as to encourage women to have a positive image of themselves whilst pregnant. I mean, while I understand where she is coming from and what she is trying to do, I can't help but think, "Really now, really?".
I mean, lots of people are taking these pregnancy shots where they bare either the bulging belly alone or the belly and some laps or just go outrightly naked whilst stylishly covering up their lady bits with their hands or having it blotted out; they do all these to probably create a memorable work of art that will last a lifetime, to capture that moment in time: I get it. I just don't think, in my heart, that it is really necessary. I mean, I certainly think you can create such works of art to keep in the sanctity of your bedroom, I just don't think it should be in public domain. I literally cringe whenever I see pictures of people I know who conduct a pregnancy shoot where their taut pregnant bellies are uncovered, linea nigra (black line that appears in the centre of your belly mid pregnancy), stretched out belly button and all- I just think it's a tad too much: but I also think it is beautiful- which is where the irony lies.

I just sometimes find the sight of the tightly protruding tummy almost painful to look at- it "looks" like it must hurt the mother to carry around such a load, like the shiny belly would ache if poked or something, but we mums know it doesn't hurt in that sense at all.... well, that's how it looks to me anyway. Plus, am I the only one that thinks people are looking for any reason to do silly things all in the name of "promoting acceptance"? Women posting armpit hair a monkey could swing from online to show solidarity at being "armpit hair shamed" AKA bodyshamed? Women walking around with blood stains on their apparels to show solidarity to the sisterhood to stop "period shaming", women posting breast feeding pictures online to stop "breastfeeding shaming" (which Cause I support because a baby has to feed)..... I just think that so many more movements may arise with time and I am bracing myself to see what next comes up.

I mean, these pictures above and below gotten from Hometomums and designer Yuterone's instagram  page, look very tasteful and extremely beautiful, don't they? I'm all for doing your pregnancy nude shots or belly shots if you like, I just think those pictures should be kept for your own private consumption and ones like these can be put up on social media- I don't know.....

What do YOU think? Yay or Nay to naked pregnancy and naked belly shots? Do you think it's a bit too much or just perfect- afterall, the state of carrying another human being in your body is a beautiful one? Make it stop or Keep it up? YOU tell me!

Hope your week started off on a high note?

Love Always,


  1. Nay! Naked pregnancy pics have nothing to do with feeling proud of ones body, its just a different form of stupidity displayed by a grown adult with not so developed grey matter. My take on it!

  2. I think it is a personal choice, I myself would never have done that... it's really not something that interested me... but if it makes some people happy, they can go for it... xox

  3. Am totally against it knowing that these kids will grow up some day and see their mum's nude pic isn't really the kind of good example they need