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Hi guys,

Happy new month (better late than never) and I hope you're safe and hearty wherever you are. I've really been swamped up with so much lately, I've literally just forced myself to write and am hoping that whatever it is I'll write will actually get to be posted and not relegated to my drafts- never to be used.

So much has happened in the world; there's so much to catch up on:

THE KILLING OF GAY PEOPLE IN ORLANDO: This was a mess really and what was worse was seeing, hearing and reading the sentiments of "Christians" who felt that the people who were murdered "deserved" to be killed and had only just received their own "punishment" for their lifestyle; to them, what had occured was akin to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and so they were happy it had occured. This is such a wrong mindset to hold, where is the love we profess as Christians then? Where? God is Love and he who Loves is of God, you cannot be selective about who to love, the bible tells us to, "Love our neighbours as ourselves". It's sometimes not easy (a lot of times actually) to live by this injunction which is why we really ought to pray for the grace everyday to live this. You cannot say you love your neighbour as yourself when you are happy they or people like them are being killed for a lifestyle they've chosen which you reckon is against nature. Being that way makes you no different from the extremists and terrorists who think it is their right to take the lives of others who do not practice their religion.

I hate, HATE homosexualism- just let's be clear, the act and reading about it makes me feel sick but I still love the person who is a practitioner and believe they can be saved. I'm not going to go out of my way to be besties with them but if I happened to live around a Sodomite, I will be civil with them, I will invite them for church programmes, I will try my best (and continually ask God for the grace) to be and extend the true definition of "Christian Love" to them, however difficult. We should all live and let live really, but keep praying for others. If you are worried the Sodomite around you can be a potential problem to you, i.e, they can be an influence to your children in one way or the other, then why don't you keep praying? This is really the reason we are asked to pray for the country, for the world, for your neighbours, for everything that is a concern to you: I have found that my prayer circle has really extended to people I do not even know, pastors, world leaders- it never used to be that way, it was much more self centered but because what is going on in the world will directly or indirectly have an impact on myself and my family, the circle I pray for has now extended to people I never imagined I would ever sit to pray for.

THE RECENT SPATE OF KILLINGS IN THE US- FIRST OF TWO BLACK MEN BY THE POLICE, FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, AND OF 5 POLICEMENT IN A REVENGE ATTACK BY AN IRATE BLACK MAN: This is really really sad. I cried watching this news unfold and was yet again reminded of the injustice meted out against the black community in the Western world. There have been so many documented cases of the police, especially in America, coming at black people with unecessary force and brutality that it cannot be dismissed as a mere coincidence or a case of a policeman being overly cautious. I have tried to rationalize the actions of these policemen/policepeople in my head, I have tried to put myself in their shoes; the majority of ghetto people found on the streets, in gangs, dealing drugs and indulging in various ills in the society are, one can say, predominantly black or "perceived" to be predominantly black people. A large number of black people as well are equally educated, well grooomed and are paving great pathways in the Western world. I often wonder if it might then not be a case of preconceived prejudice that these policepeople have against black people based on history past; they expect that black people are "dangerous"- it's in the ghetto culture and lifestyle that is still being promoted and rapped about in Hip hop music afterall- so they are often automatically on the attack and ready to kill when dealing with them, whatever the reason for their actions, it is still so wrong! How can a people feel protected when they fear that due to the colour of their skin, if they try, in a situation, to speak up for themselves, they are instantly shot dead without any hestitation like criminals?

I do not also justify the senseless killing of policepeople- two wrongs can never make a right. I can understand the frustration the killer was faced with- we all are facing this same frustration- but the answer will and can never be taking laws into your own hands. However, I know that a lot of people are a tad happy at the sudden turn of events and, indeed, will be happy that there be an outright case of an eye for an eye- kill a black man and we begin to kill policepeople. Perhaps, just perhaps, the events of the past couple of days will call for a deep reflection  on how to ensure that peace reign and that ALL citizens are and feel equally secure in their country so as to stop this mayhem snowballing out of control.

CHRISTIAN ONLINE (STRAIGHT) DATING SITE ORDERED TO ACCEPT LESBIANS AND GAY PEOPLE: Well, this right here is the reason a lot of people will continue to loathe gay people- sorry to say. We say "live and let live", there are a thousand online dating sites that cater to the gay world and yet, two gay men take it upon themselves to force their way into a Christain single dating site- all in the name of eradicating "discrimnation"- YOU are already accepted because your world has been given a place everywhere, but Christians have a right to form an online dating site based on Christian principles! I just don't get this! Could they have done this if it had been a Muslim site? Would they have dared to? Can't we all just respect each other's boundaries? There are exclusive clubs that cater only to millionaires, will one not meeting up to that criteria really have a case if they sued the said club as discrimnating against them? In this case, all I can think is that the church as a whole is facing perilous times and is being persecuted. We all just need to continue to pray......

I'm exhausted just writing about this to be honest, I feel drained.


Love Always,


  1. I think we are to love each other... more love and less judgement... I have my own things to worry about and I have no right to judge how anyone else lives...

    I was sickened and saddened by the deaths of the black men and the the police... as much as I want it to change, I think it will get worse before it gets better. I honestly think all people need to look within ... the racism that is rampant is scary, I pray we start seeing each other as people and not colors... we are all the same and deserve to be treated the same... xox

    1. The blogging platforms I joined was back in 2012... sadly they no longer exist. I met so many bloggers like that back in the day... I'm still in contact with most of them and many no longer blog.

      Someday I'd like to hear how you found my blog, I'm always curious :-) ♡

    2. I agree with the "more love" sentiments- I wonder if this is feasible in our world today.....

      I found your blog through Lohla's page- you always left very meaningful comments so I got curious. I think I got stuck the very first day I read your blog- I was captivated by how honestly you wrote! :)


  2. I am all about respect for boundaries too. There is freedom, yes. There is enough space for everyone to perch but just respect boundaries so there'll be no problem. Judge Judy, please try to update more often sis, it's not easy but I trust you can do it.

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement sis, I really, really appreciate!!