Of Course You Can Sing The National Anthem! Can't You?

Sitting exhaustedly in the kitchen whilst the contents of the pots on the hot plates boiled away furiously, I decided to scroll through Instagram to see what was new. I prep our meals for the week on weekends, Saturday mostly, but I've got an engagement in church on Saturday which is why I'm doing it on a Friday. 

When Saying "No" Is Hard.

I was "guilted" into going for midweek service yesterday. I use "guilted" because I'd been scolded by the elderly lady, who incidentally "brought me" to the church, for not making Sunday service last week and opting for the online service. I had wanted to tell her outrightly that, "Sorry mama but I'm not exactly having an easy time trekking all this way to church every week in my condition and I have my life to live!" but when she started scolding and mentioned that I would not realise just

Baring It For The Bump: Yay Or Nay?


To Kiss Or Not To Kiss.....

This picture of Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter on the lips was the topic for discussion on one of the mummy platforms I follow on social media: people's opinions were sought to know if it was inappropriate or affectionate. Curiously, a lot of the mums on the platform voted for it being an affectionate gesture: I am once again struck by how seemingly affectionate our present day parents seem to be- we seem to be more loving and experessive than our parents were...... Thankfully.... #chuckles

What Is Your Purpose?


 So I saw this post above on LIB and went on to Reno's page to see if he's turned into a pastor or some such thing: he's got really inspirational quotes and nuggets on there and  he states in his profile that he is the founder of some Mind of Christ Christian Centre; that certainly explains his inspirational disposition. I like Reno and think he is an intelligent man so it's great to see his handle used to disseminate wisdom.

A little bit of this and that.....

Hi guys,

Happy new month (better late than never) and I hope you're safe and hearty wherever you are. I've really been swamped up with so much lately, I've literally just forced myself to write and am hoping that whatever it is I'll write will actually get to be posted and not relegated to my drafts- never to be used.

So much has happened in the world; there's so much to catch up on: