When They Are Silent About Their Status...

Ok, so you know I told you I was doing a course, etc, etc. Well, I met someone from the past in the class: we knew each other from having lived in the same town in the past. He had been a friend's friend and I recall he'd been a nice guy, a "big boy" so to speak but the few times we spoke, I thought he had a good head on his shoulders. This was years ago and our paths never quite crossed but I knew from the grapevine that he'd married his then girlfriend.

So fastforward to about eight years later and who do I see taking the same course as was I. You can imagine that after all these years, we chatted away happily and he showed me pictures of his adorable kids and lovely wife. Strange how life is, I've definitely changed drastically from the last time I saw him meanwhile, he doesn't seem to have aged a day- you couldn't even guess that he was a husband talk more of a father..... and that brings me to my next point, lol.... Our programs began and I've noticed a few things but I'm not sure what to make of them. I haven't seen him wear his ring since that first day and I know he's here in the UK solely to attend this course and his family is back in Nigeria.

He's a very friendly guy and also quite smart and knowledgeable in this field from what I can see and he's tends to banter with the few ladies in the class but something happened this week that made me wonder if it was wise to hold my tongue or not. We were working on a project and he, as project head, was making an analysis and tried to give an example of a product to buttress his point and the product was something now commonly used by a lot of fashion forward ladies. A particular lady who tends to flirt with him laughs out and says, "How on earth can you even know that?"

Unconciously, I almost said, "Duh?! Because he is married!", but that was before I caught the uncomfortable look followed by a laugh from him whilst he continued after a pause. My eyes casually strayed to his fingers again and I saw that his wedding band was in the middle finger of his left hand ( personally, I will not take my husband doing that and the day he tries to go without would be the day I'd stop wearing mine- I just think it unfair that some men do that). Somehow,  I was glad I hadn't blurted out what was in my head, I realised he probably kept his marital status private for some reason and I was glad I didn't embarrass him if he had but the mischevious side of me was thinking, well, why not? Afterall, he IS married so you are only stating a fact and not "embarrassing" him.... 
 Either way, I really hate an uncomfortable situation so I was glad I avoided that, afterall, nobody send me monitoring work and what has it to do with me?

What would you have done if you were in my shoes?

Love Always,


P.S- Have a swell week guys!


  1. Unlook all the way sis, who monitoring EPP? Before you'll enter something you did not ask for. Its up to him to disclose his status or not and from the look of things, he's clearly not.

    1. Lol at "unlook", I just like that word. I'm glad I stopped myself o, I no fit shout.

  2. Unfortunately he is going to be responsible for his actions... you just have to let him deal with his challenges he is bringing on himself. I am with you about if I was married and my husband didn't wear his ring... I would not tolerate that... I guess it is all in what we are willing to deal with...

    1. True. A lot of men tend to give their wives some quite sensible reasons why they are unable to wear their rings ranging from being allergic to jewellery to compression. For me, as long as I have to wear mine, we will find what works for you, haha!