Happy New Month!!!!

Hi guys!!!

Happy new month of June!!!
It's crazy how busy things can get really, the last thing I've wanted to do in these times has been to blog, to be honest, I just seem to have sooo much on my plate- good and bad- and I'm just wading through it all, thankful for the things that are going alright and holding on and out in faith for a way to be made for the not too pleasant things that seem to be coming up out of the blues.

Very tricky time it's been but the one thing I'm sooooo thankful to God for is for how far He's brought me on my spiritual and my faith journey. It's strange that once you decide to do a lot of things in faith, even those closest to you become the people "sent" to sow the seeds of doubt into your heart and for this reason, I have literally shut down on sharing things with my mum. At most, I'll tell my younger sister, she's a woman of faith too. 

I've also found that it's not everything you can share with very close people who do not have the capacity to "faith it out" with you. It seems that a lot of the elderly members of these orthodox religious churches tend to let "fear and common sense" lead them when faced with life decisions, no matter how great their intentions; they "reason" fear, they "talk" fear, they "think" fear, they even "breathe" fear.... sometimes, to think I grew up in this constantly "fearful" environment, it begins to make sense that a lot of meaningful ventures I started out doing were left unfinished as I ended up yielding to the fearful "what ifs" that drowned out the faith I'd had when I'd begun the said projects....

I still can't believe we're halfway through the year already! This year's gone pretty fast, hasn't it? Jeez! We've got a lot of goals to achieve, as a family, in this quarter so I'm praying for direction. We're about to move homes so I've had to go to several viewings, schedule meetings with agents, I have started my driving lessons plus, I'm taking some extra professional training and certifications which should launch me into a whole new career so I'm excited, nervous, hopeful and overall determined. Of course that's besides the normal antenatal appointments and Dr's appointments for my son (the weather's been terrible) that I've had to go to too.

I was worried when I had to study for my theory test because it felt like I was sweeping cobwebs off of my brain but in a few days, I was back on track and I really started yearning for further education. Of course there is the part of me that is thinking, "Hei! I hope I won't get disillusioned or lost in the midst of studies....", but, hey, I'm every woman and I've been juggling, and successfully too, roles that I would never have believed myself capable of four years ago so, yes, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.... :).

With so much on my plate though, there are things that seem to be behind, mostly my personal relationships. In all of this, I've found that I've been living a rather "centered" life- strictly centered on my son, husband, myself and our unborn child. The "extended family", for lack of time to contact them, I reach out to in prayers everyday but I can feel and sense that this lack of contact may not be sitting well with some people. Or maybe they understand..... who knows? Like, my mum and I would normally speak everyday but I've spoke with her yesterday after a week- not because I didn't want to but because one thing or the other keeps taking my attention.... and that is my mother. So imagine what it is like with other people- I bet my mom would understand but a relation who isn't blood related may not necessarily understand but I truly pray I can balance things out soon.

All in all, things are going okay and will be better in Jesus name, Amen. I hope things have been good with you so far..... How has your year been up until this point? Great? Will be better? I'll love to read from you!!! 

Do have a great weekend! #ehugs
Love Always,


  1. I think life is busy and all of a sudden a week has gone by and I haven't spoken to a family member or friend... I actually think because we are so connected by social media it is almost a bit overwhelming... and we shut down from time to time. Good luck with your studies xox

    1. Thank you so much Launna.... :) I really appreciate.... X

  2. Like you, I'm struggling with this whole multitasking thing. Being a first time mum, studying and every other thing in between. It's overwhelming for me that I'm constantly wondering how other mothers are doing this or am I just a selfish person. Anyways I constantly pray for strength because it's not that easy. People with more than 1 child are really super humans oh. ___UGO

    1. Wow! Congrats Ugo..... Time flies sha (smiling as I go down memory lane, hahaha... X). Lol @ superhumans. There is a Nigerian lady I follow on Instagram who lives here in the uk, she's got four kids (she just had her fourth), just graduated with a law degree and guess what, she's 25, 25! I don't know how she's been able to do all this but she's like my lady crush, lol!

  3. My Neighbour downstairs has three kids, she's so put together always up and running and on time! When I look at all she juggles, I'm left weakened and overwhelmed. It is well. Good luck on your studies. The year is coming on fine for us, looking forward to more things by God's grace.

    PS. About that communication thing, me and you both I've drifted unintentionally from some people, my family, we're not very big on communicating everyday but we do check up on ourselves so I'm fine in that area. I do hope friends I've drifted from would understand, then again its a two way thing.

    1. I'm so happy your year's been going well- pray for more blessings for your family, IJN. Amen. That your neighbor sha, lol, superwoman things. Issorrait......
      Lol.... X

  4. Well done. Glad most of the important things in your life are still in cohesion.