I Know Your Name! It's Mama!

My son now knows my name!!!! ***doing the holy twerk (lol)****
So I've been teaching my son to pronounce words and to associate them with their meanings. So far, he's able to say a few words: baby, cartoon, mummy, daddy, chocolate, bye-bye, hello, bia ("come" in igbo language), were ("take" in igbo language), Stop it, Thank you  and that's really about it. He knows to call DH "daddy" and whenever he wants to see him, he goes to my laptop, points to it and says, "Daddy!". The thing is, he knew to pronounce the words, "daddy" and "mummy" but he hadn't begun using it as a name or in response to his name being called.

Social Media Blues.

This social media and it's tendencies to play with our emotions, eh? I woke up rather early today to study my course work and what I'd learned during the week and after about an hour long of reading, I got bored and strayed to Instagram. I've recently, only a few days ago, reconnected with a couple of acquaintances from Lawschool and so I thought I go by their page to see what they'd been up to- it had been five to six long years after all, I wanted to see what everyone was up to.

My learning woes.....

I've had series of two hour long driving lessons in the past two weeks and I still don't feel like I've gotten any closer to being confident enough to go for my driving test. The first day of my lesson ended with me feeling not a little depressed; I just felt that there was way too much information coming at me, too many things to be conscious of at the same time and I felt a bit overwhelmed. 

Faith or Folly? YOU tell me....

I was looking through a page I found last year on Instagram called humansofny- it's a very interesting page that features regular people around Newyork and their "stories"- whatever it was they wanted to share/talk about really. There are some really interesting stories in there and I've read some with a lot of interest and skipped others in disinterest. It is quite an enlightening page to follow. 

When A Child Is Mean To Your Child.....

I've got an acquaintance in whose company myself and my son occasionally stay in when circumstances so require but I'm beginning to wonder if it is wise to do so. The thing is, this lady and I are friendly and are probably on our way to becoming friends but her son, who is older than mine with something like 15 months, tends to be mean, rough and brutal to my son and this really boils my blood.....

Learn how Sisi Yemmie does it!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that Sisi Yemmie's constantly upbeat personality is highly infectious. I'm sure I'm also not the only person who has wondered if it is genuine or often put on to "force brightness into one's day!". Whichever one it is, it works for me but she tells us in this video that it IS indeed genuine happiness that she gives off and goes on to explain how she is able to stay genuinely happy.

I hope you like the video, I did!

Love Always,

Happy New Month!!!!

Hi guys!!!

Happy new month of June!!!
It's crazy how busy things can get really, the last thing I've wanted to do in these times has been to blog, to be honest, I just seem to have sooo much on my plate- good and bad- and I'm just wading through it all, thankful for the things that are going alright and holding on and out in faith for a way to be made for the not too pleasant things that seem to be coming up out of the blues.

Very tricky time it's been but the one thing I'm sooooo thankful to God for is for how far He's brought me on my spiritual and my faith journey. It's strange that once you decide to do a lot of things in faith, even those closest to you become the people "sent" to sow the seeds of doubt into your heart and for this reason, I have literally shut down on sharing things with my mum. At most, I'll tell my younger sister, she's a woman of faith too.