How gorgeous is this model by the way? I want that long neck!!!! And the cheekbones and jawline! 

This is the hair dilemma I've been in for a couple of months now.
I've been natural for two full years (and some) but I feel like my hair isn't growing. It looks the same way it was six months ago and I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing wrong ( or to be fair, I'm not sure exactly which negligent act of mine- where it pertains to natural hair- is the reason for it's stunted growth, hehehe).
I've literally been waiting for the day I can finally get to pull my hair into that cute, pineapple pony-tail but at the rate it's growing, I'm beginning to think it will not be until another 2 to 3 years and I'm not sure I've got enough patience to wait around for it.

Any naturals reading? Please what is your regimen like and are you also faced with this ever-so-slow growth pattern? Or is it just my hair having a hair-laise?
It doesn't help that I've shown the hair small "nwiii"- I've bleached it and colored it over and over- trial and error things- but I try to deep condition very well after such harsh chemical exposure as I have a mental picture of stripping the strands but, at this rate, I'm beginning to wonder if it's not just best to relax my hair and just.... relax.

Why am I still natural to begin with?
I really cannot say- I've had a box of dark and lovely relaxer sitting in my wardrobe for over a year and I still haven't got round to using it. I think the thing is, I begin to feel the way I'm currently feeling about my hair- disillusioned- and am suddenly assailed with pictures and even daily encounters/run-ins with African ladies looking neat and chic in neatly relaxed hair and I start to think that maybe waiting for that pineapple ponytail isn't really worth it afterall and then, the hair suddenly looks good to me one day and this feel-good feeling lasts for a week and either within that week or after, I suddenly get compliments about my hair and how "different" it is and then it all starts to feel better- I begin to be thankful I didn't give into the urge to relax my hair as I fall in love with the fro all over again.
And then the cycle repeats itself- which is where I am now- the disillusionment part. Arggghhhh!

It also didn't help that I scrolled by the gram today and saw that some lady I followed who had very lovely, pineapple-ponytail compliant natural hair had relaxed her hair- very easily- she didn't even make any fuss about it- not this hullabaloo I'm making over hair that is not even growing- and she looked stunning!
It gave me material to do a before and after as I went to prev posts of her natural and tried to compare that to her present look- they both were stunning, different but stunning still.
I do agree that relaxed hair makes me more "comely" and ladylike, it "smoothens" out rough edges especially when smoothened out with a hot iron- I don't know if that makes any sense. 
With my natural hair, I feel "earthy" in a very bohemian way and that is what I love sometimes and also what I dislike a lot of times. 

Can any natural relate to what I'm writing? Slow growth? Feeling undecided about relaxing hair?
Does the hair eventually grow or is this it?
Please help a sister out!

Love Always,


  1. I feel for you even though I don't have this hair issue. I'm not sure what the answer is as I know you have much different hair texture. I don't like putting too many chemicals on my hair, it took me a long time to color my hair purple because I had to bleach it completely... it compromised my hair... I had to cut a great deal off. I'm grateful my hair is strong and grows quickly xox ♡

    1. I love the purple in your hair, It's sooo pretty! I "used to" envy your hair type alot but I've come to accept the differences in our hair patterns, growth and types so, it's not so much envying as it is admiration.... :)X

  2. Sorry I can't help. My natural hair is so stubborn.. I suffered so much as a child with the hair and I don't think I can go through that again so relaxed my hair stays.
    Be patient dear, your hair is growing

    1. Don't be tempting me na Zi, lol. Thanks for visiting :)

  3. I cant help you oh, even though I have been natural for more than 3 years, the hair has refused to grow and I dont have ear on my edges, so I wear the wig a lot of times. I have been tempted to join back the team relaxer though.