Yes! I did and I wanted to piss on myself with joy, lol. It's not like it's a do or die thing though especially as some people have to write this test several times before passing but I just wanted to pass it the first time- it was important to me that I did. I'm at that place where the little inconsequential "victories" are a BIG DEAL. Lol. Maybe it's due to the bashing my self esteem received on my former job but, life goes on.

That theory test though, it is conducted like a big deal alright, jeez. You are to get to the test centre at least fifteen minutes to the time specified, any later and you couldn't write the test any longer and you lost your fee. You show your provisional licence to the receptionist who then hands you the "rules" of the entire procedure to study. You are then given a locker room where you lock away the items you came with: your wristwatch, bag, water, any food, any jacket or paraphenalia, then, you are "searched" to make sure you didn't have any "missile" or "mgbo" on you then you were then asked to go into the test room where you had a computer waiting for you with your name on the screen. You generally had 57 mins to answer the 50 multi-choice questions and the pass mark was 43 out of 50. Then you had to watch 14 short clips of the hazard perception videos where you had to click whenever you spotted a hazard or a situation that could develop into a hazard. The pass mark for this was 44 out of a possible 75.

It all looks easy on paper, especially with the MCQ 'cause you're thinking, "it's just 43 out of 50, surely, that's very doable!" but it can all go "Kaput" with a few wrong clicks. It all started out pretty breezy as the questions I'd encountered were some of the ones I'd seen in the past questions but there now came a few questions, about 5 or 6 where I had to think real hard and give answers off of my own understanding of all I'd studied in the three weeks of my preparation- that made me start second guessing myself because using the apps to test myself has shown that, sometimes, the answers you think are right turn out wrong. It would have been much better if the questions I wasn't sure of were about 2 or 3 but 5 or 6 was pretty much make or break. I knew I'd pass the hazard perception because there was bigger room to make mistakes but you failed the entire thing if you failed any session.

When you were done with the two sessions, you left the room quietly and went into the reception to sign out with the same receptionist that signed you in and you were asked to go retrieve your possessions from the locker and then asked to sit and wait for your result to be handed to you. It was handed to you in about 5 to 10 minutes and, with my heart in my mouth, I opened mine and the first line I saw was, "Congratulations! You've PASSED the car driving theory test".  Yes!!!! I'd scored a 47 out of a 50! Not bad after all! One down, the next and final stage to go! I called DH immediately after and he was sooo ecstatic. Next, I called my mum. I'd come out of the test room and met two missed calls from her- you'd have thought I had gone for Bar examinations or something, lol. Well, I don't blame the poor woman, she wanted this as much as DH and I did because the trekking she was subjected to the times she'd been here no be for here, she dey fear say situation no go change before her next visit, hahaha!

I meant to come back and do a "YES I DID IT!" post but my test had been at 8:00am and I'd been up at 6 to prep my son and myself. I also barely slept well the night before, woke up at 3am to practice like twice before going back to bed so I was exhausted and DS and I just slept the entire day away, Lol. I just thought to gist you guys since I already told you I was going for it, my pastor's wife called saying she got worried when she hadn't heard from me and wondered if my silence meant that I flunked it, lol, so I know my silence could give the wrong message. It's just, after the euphoria of the day, the next day came with it's own hassles so the excitement was already gone, lol.

Anyway, the blog had a makeover over the weekend! Yayyyyyy!!!!.... I think....
I'm not much of a "colourful" person, I'm more into mellow, subtle, serious-minded, introspective, etc- not black and morose but, say, a muted green (because it's my best colour) and mellow colours but, lately, I've had to visit some blogs with colours that literally "POP!!!" like champagne and I leave the said blog feeling strangely happy so I thought to myself that I certainly wanted in on this instant mood booster! Afterall, who sombre don epp? Also, you can now follow me on Instagram via the Instagram icon on the side bar, isn't that great?!
So, what do you think about the blog makeover guys? Yayy or Nay? You likey?

Have a lovely and blessed weekend guys!
Love Always,

If you are in the UK and want to take the theory test, I'd recommend this site to you, try to go through all the stages (Easy, Hard, Hardest) and I also downloaded these apps and used them daily too. Here's the second app. Success!


  1. Congrats on passing the test!!! Yaaae for you :-)

    Like the new layout and look. Very nice!!

  2. Congratulations on passing your test, I knew you could do it... how exciting xox

    As for the blog make over, it has a nice fresh look... at first I thought I was on the wrong blog but as soon as I started reading I knew it was yours... I like the pop of pink... it's pretty... xox

    1. So exciting, I'm really happy about it! 😀I'm glad you like the new blog design Launna, thanks a lot!😊

  3. Yaaaaaay she passed, dancing shoki and dabbing at the same time!!! Way to go girl so proud.

    I also thought I stumbled on to the wrong blog too, I was like what are all these cheerful colors doing here, it hits you immediately you open the blog which is rather refreshing. I looooove it, looks like you mean business now and are taking your blog seriously lols.

    1. *dancing the shoki and dab (?) with you o* Lol!
      Thanks a lot Hun, I'm so happy too😁.
      Yayyy! You likely too, this is good! Nne, aga emekwanu olia? It is indeed what it "looks like" 😉

  4. Wow. Congrats. So happy for you, especiall the fact that it meant so much to you. Your blog looks good and more inviting. How did you do the makeover? Did you buy a template?

    Wow. Serious wisdom is this. It's all about defining boundaries and being courteous. Thanks for the insight.

    My True Life Runaway Story (2)

    1. Thanks alot Ilola and yes, I bought one :). Defining boundaries? Courtesy? I'm a bit lost I think....