I read a post on SDK yesterday about veteran Nigerian actress, Patience Ozokwor, dumping the wearing of trousers and the use of makeup, jewelry etc after embarking on a 21 day fast that had God revealing some spiritual insights to her. Find excerpts of the piece below:

According to her, she normally organises a personal retreat for herself in the first few days of the new year, when it was time to have her 2016 retreat, she heard the voice of the Holy Spirit telling her to fast for 21 days, she complained that she have so many projects to handle, Endorsements and movies to shoot within that period, and the Lord extended it to a 30 days fast due to her complaints.

During this fasting period, The Lord revealed to her, how she will be a voice for him all over the world, how people’s attention will be channeled from her image on Nollywood to The Gospel.
She said one of the things God warned her on, was her dressing and appearance.

She said that Putting on Makeup, wearing Jewelry and putting on Trouser as a Lady is wrong, she said that she has been preaching to colleagues in Nollywood, but God told her to put off her Dreads, to stop wearing Jewelries and Trousers, that she could have gone to Hell, if she died December 31, 2015 despite the preaching she’s been doing, just because of her appearance.

She asked the Holy Spirit to prove to her, give strong reasons, why that was a Sin, and Spirit of God replied that she should browse about it, that Testimonies of personal revelations God gave to people are all over the internet, and all of them are saying virtually the same thing, that she should find those informations to help her life.

She made mention of her Social Class, how the creme de la creame of the society, will attend her funeral and how such event won’t be a reflection of the position of her soul.
She subsequently got to the internet and read testimonies of God’s encounter with people, she read about an Igbo Woman God encountered, and a Woman called Margaret from Edo State, who could have gone to Hell for hating her Husband.
She said that people in Church is making God cry, due to their dressing, their loose life and conduct.

After that encounter, she gave herself to spirit filled pastors for follow-up.
She further outlined what makes God weep, from Galatians 5: 16-20. 

She also took time to explain how a parent-children relationship ought to be.
On this, she said that some of the terrible things children do, is a mirror of what their parents do. She went on to cite an example of a Pastor’s wife, buying short dress for her daughter, but will still come to the church and condemn such dressing.

When asked about her Nollywood life, Patience Ozokwor narrated that the Holy Spirit has not specifically directed her to quit or to not.

She said that she has not shot any movie since that encounter in January, that she used to get an average of 1.5 Million Naira weekly, but that God has miraculously been providing her daily bread.

She warned that it will be harder for colleagues in the movie industry, with permanent tattoos and eyebrows when they eventually encounter Christ.

She also said that she should stop being referred to as Mama G, as that name was for when she was in the world.

She was asked about her immediate family reactions to her new found faith, to which she answered that her daughter was upset with her, telling her that spirituality is a thing of the heart, and it doesn’t need to affect her dress code. and she replied her daughter that she should be left alone with her Jesus. The brother also thought that she was mad, on hearing the news, and had to call her to confirm that she is mentally sound.

She also said that she is happy her Son who plays football in Europe is now born again.

Among other things she pointed was her Anglican Church and SU History, How Christian Association of Nigeria gave her a bible and many other things.
She also talked about a Muslim leader, who said they have Nigeria in their hands, Fulani Herdsmen, and their deadly strategies. She cited example with Turkey (Istanbul) a Christian turned Muslim country.

She also said that Islam is ready to take over the world, but our problem is that Christians can easily lose their faith for money.

A look at Mummy Patience will tell you that really, something has happened.


 For sometime now, for about three weeks, I have found myself conflicted about the same thing that Patience is speaking about and I'll explain further. I was recently sent this message on Whatsapp and after reading it, I googled the apostle who the late pastor had sent the letter to and it came up with his name and several works he'd written and undertaken. The sites then connected me to several other sites with similar "confessions" from people who had actively worked in the kingdom of darkness but who had now received the salvation of Christ and the recurring thing they kept talking about was that when people died, they'd go on to the judgement gates and their lives would be played out before them. If they'd been born again, the devil would be on hand to "accuse" them and he used bible portions/verses they had lived contrary to in the world to accuse them before God and this resulted in them being sent to hell. They went on further to disclose that it was especially difficult for women to go to heaven because of the myriad of worldy things they immersed themselves into- makeup, trousers, weaves, jewelry, not covering their hair to church or to pray, retouching their hair, bleaching.....

I read several other stories and they particularly revealed how the kingdom of darkness hated churches like Mountain of Fire and Deeper Life because of their uncompromising stance in these areas and said that they (agents of the devil) had deceived the world into believing that God didn't care about appearances but only about the state of one's heart but that what these Christians didn't realise was that God's standards were very high and that though He loves Christians, He would not come down to their own standard because of this love, they had to come up and live up to His standards.

You can imagine that reading all this made me not a little shaken. I kept thinking, "Is there really any truth to this?". If there is, what about the Kathryn Kulmans?  The Joyce Meyers? They are doing the work of the Lord and great works too! Would it then count to nothing? Abi was this exclusive to African ministers? Please tell me if you know any but I'm racking my head and cannot think of one foreign Caucasian female minister or even wife of a Caucasian pastor who doesn't use makeup or wear some sort of jewelry- correct me if I'm wrong. I also began to see where that sister from church had been coming from....

Also, the bible does the bible not say in Matt 7:21-22: ".... Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord', 'Lord' will enter the kingdom of heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you; depart from Me you workers of lawlessness....".

In the face of all these, life as you see it and know it becomes truly filled with nothing but vanities. You begin to think, what is all the fuss about? To what end? What shall it profit one to be the most fashionable, the most stylish with the perfect contour and strobe, the "mostest" and still be headed straight to burning hell? Or do we just think to live and appear the way we want here, as long as we are God fearing, tongue talking warriors in and for Christ and let God decide the rest on judgement day- is it really worth the risk?

Oh, this is sooo hard! I'm really conflicted and I don't know what to do..... I've asked for divine guidance in this but haven't received any "insights". I want to be safe, to be on the safe side but, sometimes, when I think of what it entails, I feel constrained especially as I've come to absolutely love the freedom of serving God and still being yourself! 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have these thoughts too? Please share with me.....

Love Always,



  1. I have a gospel I believe in, Heavenly Father loves us all... he may not happy with many of our choices but he is a forgiving God... I don't think make up is a bad thing, nor wearing a pair of pants but that is my choice ... everyone has their own choices.. I think that we can believe what we want but not judge others... we all have our own paths to walk... I hope you get answers to how you want to live and feel is correct xox

    1. I really hope I do Launna, I'm sure I will get the direction I need soon..... X

  2. Very interesting perspectives and questions asked Judy. I will not sit in a place of judgment for or against the wearing of jewelry or of the people that do or don't wear. I will share that I personally don't wear jewelry and just in recent years started occasionally applying a little make up.

    I was taught growing up that Christ and the love of God should radiate from me and my character as I represent Christ is my crowning jewel. I was taught to be satisfied with my appearance the way God made me and not depend on the outward adorning that brings attention or adoration to self and not God.

    1. I certainly like the perspective from your childhood. Very liberating!

  3. I know people have personal encounters with God. I know some people whom God told them to take off jewelries and flamboyant dressing, because it had constituted idols in their lives.

    But when it comes to entering the kingdom of God, there's just one requirement. That's why we need to be grounded in the word. These are end times, and we must not be swayed by doctrines. A christian that is not guided by the Holy Spirit is like someone in an unknown country without a map or GPS - doomed to get lost.

    Let's read the word regularly. Simple!

    My True Life Runaway Story (2)

    1. Very well said Ilola. You hit the nail neatly on the head.