Seriously, what is this country (Nigeria) turning into? What is with this sudden emergence of the terror called "herdsmen" - who are originally allowed to roam the countryside freely to put their cattle to pasture - whose pastime is killing innocent people for NO REASON? It's not like there is a war - or have the Nigerian Muslims now declared a war against other Nigerians that we know nothing about?

I'm very bitter about this and I can't even pretend to want to be diplomatic about it- I'm not looking to stir up dissension either but Nigerians, IGBO PEOPLE, have to do something- have to take a united stand if it comes to it, WHAT THE FREAKING HECK?!!!!

Just look at this story culled from LindaIkeji this morning.....

Some armed herdsmen attacked the man pictured above while he was fetching firewood in a bush in Enugu state recently. Narrating what happened, the man said he had finished cutting woods in the bush and was putting it inside his car when armed herdsmen attacked him. He fled the bush with deep cuts on his head and hands and ran into a place where he met some people. The injured man then pleaded for assistance to be taken to a hospital, asking them to take another route for fear of being seen again by the herdsmen and attacked. 

attacked man
attacked man

Like, seriously, what are we in Eastern Nigeria expected to do? Where is the President whilst all of this is happening? I really hope and pray that the governors in the Eastern states don't take this lightly and play "diplomacy" whilst they wait for a president who clearly has other priorities taking up his time and attention- they just have to come together and rid these sick animals off our land! ( YES!!! I AM MAD!).
Can you imagine? They jump innocent people out doing their business in the bush- who are we kidding here- what are they herding? Human lives?
And they say, "One Nigeria, One Nigeria- Arrest Nnamdi Kanu for stirring dissension...."- Who and why do we BIAFRANS have to keep being slaughtered and be expected to keep up the "One Nigeria" front?  Why? How are we one when one party is gradually effecting a genocide on the other and that other is expected to keep quiet and keep believing all will be well?

Oh, I'm soooo mad.

Please share your thoughts- I'll stop here... For now.

Love Always,


  1. Wow this is so sad... I don't understand people and their way of treating other human beings... I too am sick of it, it makes physically ill... We need to learn to love each other... xox

    1. It is something else Launna.... it's just something else....
      Some people don't understand what "love" is- their indoctrination doesn't recognise it so....