Although I always "knew" about Prince and "knew" that whilst Michael Jackson was the "King of Pop" he was also a "king" of a certain genre, and although I knew the song, Purple Rain, and "knew" that Prince was a "big deal", I was always made to remember how much of a big deal he really was whenever I heard other A-List celebrities spaz out whenever he was around- I never could understand it- so I would, for the umpteenth time, scroll to YouTube to watch some of his videos and, to be very honest, I never saw anything that spectacular, I mean, MJ would leave you spell bound but then I chalked it up to people's personal tastes and preferences....

So since his passing last week, I have been reminded yet again, everyday, of how much of an icon he really was and I still wonder how come his music didn't make it's way into our consciousness- or maybe it did but only a select people had the taste for it, I wouldn't know, it never appealed to me.
Anyway, I meant to write about him last week after I'd read an article about him by Charly boy on SDK.  I had been wondering about how it was that no Nigerian had had any personal knowledge of this iconic man when I read  Charly's article about their "encounter".

Aha! I thought, finally someone in Nigeria can give an insight into the persona of this very private man that most knew nothing about. The article talked about either a handshake that was shared or some such thing but one comment had me cracking up like mad.

the comment by Godchic
Lol @ ".... Please no other Nigerian, eg Freeze or Charles Novia should come out and start famzing abeg, na beg we dey beg una, keep that article u've started writing on Prince for ur village people....", I found that comment too funny but events overtook me last week so I was unable to post anything. Then I go by SDK and LIB today to see an almost similar headline which read: What did late Prince tell Charly boy before he died? I was surprised because I'd thought his first article only talked about a handshake- so they'd actually had a tete a tete before Princes' death?!
I read the article and there's a snapshot of it below:

".... If I ever had any gay tendencies, he would have been the one I would have given my body to....", I couldn't help reading this line and thinking, "Gerrarahia you this agbaya!" Lol. Something about that comment just did me somehow ( rubbed me the wrong way, pissed me off, just made me feel one kind ) and, no, I'm not homophobic ( I hate the act of homosexualism but do not hate the practitioner because I believe they can be saved). I think it's the "given my body to" part- you know how a fragile woman "gives her body to" that dashing, dark and sinfully attractive man because she cannot resist his overwhelming charm, THAT is the picture I get of him making that statement- that as big and brusque as he is, a big agbaya, he wants to now put himself in the position of the flower of a woman who wants to "give her body to"............... you get the picture now.... Lol.
Just see what is hungry-ing this old man? Lol.
Then it doesn't help that this is the accompanying picture with the article:

De Charly and his Gstring are one, lol.

Then see the comment that took the cake for me this evening- I laughed tire!

That comment really cracked me up!
Anyway, RIP to the iconic Prince and, I've got nothing but love for Charly boy- I just find him vvveeerrrryyyy entertaining! :)

So, did you know about Prince all this while? Did you like his music or did you, like me, not know what to make of it? Please share your thoughts if you've got any.

Have a lovely weekend ahead! :)
Love Always,

Abeg see another funny comment- both the comment about De Charly and that about the Naija policemen and suicide victim were just hilarious. Nigerians are sha funny.... smh....


  1. I honestly didn't know him @all sef-nawa,iconic ko iconic ni....#I'll just stop here. May his soul Rip😇

    1. Lol @ iconic ko iconic ni, make people wey "gbadu" the guy no hear you, lol!
      Wetin be "gbadu" sef? #offtogoogletranslator

  2. hahahah @ Charly and his gstring are one.
    You are hilarious....

    1. Seems you're the only person who "got" the angle I was coming from, hahahaha!

  3. I also never heard about this prince guy until he died but it almost feels like a sin to say so, the way he's being hailed. I don't wanna be stoned. Lol

    1. Lol! You're not alone jare, I'm sure A LOT of didn't too.... :)