What's been up?

I really thought that this time at home would have me putting out countless posts daily but, alas, the opposite is the case: my creative pool seems to be dried up for some reason.

Now, I'm not sure if it's because the daytime tends to be a bit dreary for me: it's normally spent watching out for my son, sending out applications and trying to find a balance- I don't seem to be achieving much too- or if I'm just experiencing a slight case of writer's block: either way, nothing feels as good, to me, as putting out a fresh new post- I don't know if anyone else here who writes a blog can relate to this?
I literally feel TERRIBLE when I haven't written a post- I'm not sure why- it's not like I feel I'm "obliged" to put out a post, I think it's because I have all of these thoughts coming at me and I'm constantly thinking I have to note it down so when the day ends and I realise I haven't succeeded in putting up any post, it leaves me feeling drained BUT once I get to actually put out one, I feel LIFTED! And then there comes tomorrow and it is a cycle, lol.

Anyway, what's been up?
Been sitting on some things and waiting for their maturation and will share as events unfold but my days are filled right now: DS is a handful! My God!
I should be getting a salary for being a stay-at-home mum, lol, it's not easy o.
I'm constantly looking for things as he's constantly putting things out of place- and the worst part is, you never are able to find what you are looking for at the time you need it- only long after the need has come and passed( and you've managed to make do without ), you might find it in the most unlikely place. All my pairs of slippers have now gone single, I'm constantly retrieving them from behind the television, behind the settee and I still haven't been able to locate two different pairs.
Then there is the thing with the flower pots, his daily duty is emptying out the pots and dragging them up and down- the sitting room is always a mess once he wakes up from sleep until he goes for a nap ( and I'm able to put things in place), as soon as he's up from his nap, we're back to the same flower pot dragging business. All the cupboards, drawers, knobs (washing machine, heaters etc ), light switches, desk tops are not spared either.
And this is just one baby o. It is well.

Then there is the thing with my appetite: it has just gone out of control and I'm constantly, CONSTANTLY hungry. This has been making me feel miserable.
Miserable because I'm dreading blowing up but I am determined to not let what happened to me with DS happen again with this baby- I will try my best. At the moment, I can't help my appetite but I'm trying to stay eating healthy, although, "healthy" right now is slim-pickings: I can't eat any "brown" foods any more, I don't eat chicken ( there goes all my hard chicken, the craving for it died the very next week so I moved on to something else ), can't eat fish and can't eat foods with any type of palm oil in it's preparation BUT I'm loving beans so much! The only bad side to that is that I get indigestion so I get scared of eating it....
What I want more than anything is to be able to eat food that is prepared by another person but.....

I really had not wanted to share the news about my expecting until when the baby came but, events just occurred that made divulging it necessary so, I might as well talk about what's been happening and how I've been feeling. I'm so grateful to be on this journey a second time, you have no idea, I can't even wait for the baby to be here, lol..... I'm not sure I felt this way the first time- or maybe I don't really remember any more as it's been a moment but I'm so excited!
I've got so much to write, so much that I'm "feeling" that I want to write but I don't want to sound corny, lol..... I just feel like I've connected so much with DS in this short time, just staying with him all day long, witnessing his tantrums and the different layers of his forming personality-  he is a bit strong willed but is also very loving.... Then he is also very funny and I think we've begun to communicate our humour to each other: there are funny sounds I make (that sound funny to me) and when he laughs at them, I realise they equally sound funny to him! He's just too funny honestly, lol!
Now I'm babbling.... *embarrassed*
No vex abeg, I have truly digressed...

Anyhoo, how's your day going?
Have a blessed week and may we all find favour in Jesus' name. Amen.
Love Always,


  1. I always found staying at home challenging. ... I love my both my girls, however say that, it's not east being a stay at home mom... I found it difficult. Each way has its pros and cons... I'm sure you'll get into a routine soon, my daughter has two at home... she's busy ♡

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Launna and I get what you mean about finding being a stay-at-home challenging..... it is well. God will give the grace to sail through it with grace.

  2. I feel the same if I don't put out a post, but I worked it into my schedule to do two a week and I write all my ideas down on paper and make note of the posts I want to do and it helps me!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. That makes two of us Lorna, I always write down my ideas on paper but I've found that ideas come to me whilst I'm busy with something else so I've got a notepad with me always but when I'm home with all this ample time at my disposal, the ideas just don't seem to come, lol.

      Thank you for visiting my blog....

  3. Congratulations Judy.
    The Lord is your strength.
    I have always said that SAHM is a tasking job that is under-appreciated by some if not many. If mothers are paid to stay home by the government, until the kids get to a certain age, there will be a radical positive change in the Nigeria society.

    1. I agree 100%!
      I pray Nigeria eventually gets there....

  4. I've been trying to comment on this post for 5 days now.

    1. Ah! Ilola, for real?
      For some reason, I haven't been receiving my notifications too....