Pulling out the unexpected from the marriage box (2)....

So, flowing from my previous post, the unexpected things that can sometimes find it's way into a union, I am now aware that quite a few people are giving up Christianity and becoming "free-thinkers" or Atheists.
Ese Walter has now toed this line and I feel bad that she got to this point due to having become disillusioned after her experience with pastor Fatoyinbo of the COZA fold. When the shepherd causes the sheep to go astray...

Anyway, so I have this friend on Facebook, a very upwardly mobile legal practitioner who is a managing partner is one of the leading law firms in Port-Harcourt. He's married with kids and we've been friends on FB since I had applied to their Law firm as a volunteer years back- I reckoned staying connected to him would/could help my career in the future.
For the past one year abi two years though, I noticed his posts on FB became geared towards berating the "gullible Christians who cannot simply switch on their thinking caps". Hmmmm.
He began posting worded pictures glorifying atheism and it was on his wall I first saw Ese's write up on giving up Christianity.
The curious thing is, if you go through both his wall and Ese's write up, you will find yourself beginning to doubt your faith....... If you're not strong....
As I said, this has gone on for almost two years now before I just jejely deleted him off of my friend's list. I cannot sacrifice my spiritual well-being for the fleeting hope of a possible future career come-up. Mbanu.

Also, seeing and having to read that every time could begin to work on your subconscious mind and I decided it best to remove it from assailing me whenever I opened up my Facebook page.

2Corin 10: 5 (ASV) ... Casting down imaginations and any high thing that exalted against the knowledge of God and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ...".

I believe that this means that, left to our own devices, we can be prone to begin to rationalize things and think things that we believe are superior to what is contained in the bible and begin to want to "put on our thinking caps" but this passage exhorts us to rein in those kinds of thoughts and make them subject to the Word of God.... Just obey.

I have wondered about his wife though, how does she feel? Or is she on the same page as he? Women tend to connect to their spiritual side more than men, what do you do if your husband or wife suddenly goes Atheist on you? What about the kids? Doesn't that bring confusion into the home?


Another real life story is the one my mum told me sometime ago about a family we knew.
So Hubby went to marry an "egwu eji" woman and along the line in their marriage, she became an open eye woman and started doing bunkering.
I heard the man, a struggling pharmacist who barely had medication in his pharmacy, kept pretending as though all was well in his home when it was glaring to all and sundry that his wife had become bigger than him. She was travelling all over the Southern parts of Nigeria: Bayelsa today, Calabar tomorrow- just flitting all over like a bird and when you'd ask hubby about wifey, he'd say, " Oh! She travelled to so and so...." and will finish off with, "She is doing very well, indeed, she's doing very well...".
He drove a rickety mercedes that coughed whilst she drove a range rover that she blasted the latest Davido music through it's rather loud speakers. Everything about her grew loud: her make-up, her dressing, her hair was a constant color 27- ice blonde, her voice, she was wont to be heard saying things like, "I was just speaking to the Commissioner the other day..." and normally name dropped influential people she had dealings with.

Finally, the straw that broke the camel's back was when they lost two of their children at close intervals to mysterious fires and it came out after much prayers that she had joined an occultic sect in her quest for oil money. The man finally ran away with their remaining kids- so you will now ask yourself, how did it get to that point that two people will begin to worship two different gods in the same house?
Do seemingly God-fearing people just change overnight and decide to become fetish or is it something that is ingrained in a person? Or is it the quest for gains and money that leads to all these evils? What informs one half of a couple turning to the occult and what should the other half do?
This is something that is happening in our society and is very rife- I know people whose husbands and wives have joined politics and, as a result, have joined one sect or the other- some spouses who fight it are sometimes used for ritualistic purposes- how does it get to this?

God will continue to protect us all in Jesus' name. Amen.

Until my next post...
Love Always,


  1. I have to agree with you about taking your friend off FB... I've had numerous people request to follow each other on Twitter, one particular person has added & deleted himself a few times. I refuse to follow him as he spews such nasty things about religion. I finally messaged him and told him I could not follow him due to his beliefs but also explained that he's free to feel the way he does. .. I will never feel that way. I'm not as strong spiritually as I want to be but I will never deny my truths...xox ♡