One of those days....

peppered snails: pic from wivesconnection

Pregnancy blues and lethargy can be a bitch sha and today just happened to be one of such days.
My week's been so-so, some days start not so good and get better by midday- after a lot of investment that is: prayers, studying my bible, watching a fave tv show, playing and connecting with DS, speaking with family....

I can remember feeling the way I feel today when pregnant with DS so it shouldn't come to me as a surprise but I truly hate feeling this shitty. The only up side is knowing that it will all end in praise and in viewing the miraculous God-given gift that is my child :) :) :), a very good reason to brave all this shittiness....
I woke up early as usual to clean house and have my brekkie ('cos I need to eat like 30mins after I wake up in the morning these days or I'll be useless the whole day) and thought that my healthy breakfast of unripe plantain porridge with kale would keep the hunger AKA lethargy, shittiness, "some-how" feeling at bay but, after about one hour, I began to really feel "somehow".
I'm sure a lot of women can relate to how shaky, sick and nauseous we immediately feel once the baby in your stomach makes it clear it's hungry- you just will not be yourself until you've gauged out- I'm not even joking.... Well, that's how it happens with me.
I stuffed myself with a few slices of bland tasting wheat bread but just felt awful the entire time- plus, DS decided that was the time to wake up, dive straight into play and all.

After DS had been bathed, teeth cleaned and fed, I just let him play AKA scatter the entire sitting room whilst I retired to my room to try and see if I could gather the strength to be useful.
I also felt very alone. I didn't want to call DH as I knew he had several meetings today so I just sat in feeling real shitty. Then I went on Instagram o and saw a post by someone I was following- @1qfoodplatter- she had posted a plate of onugbu soup and some swallow: I proceeded to look through her page well and soon realised that the real reason I was feeling blue was because I was hungry.
And I don't mean the kind of "hungry" that makes you make do with slices of bland, tasting wheat bread or to have a "sandwich" (except it's akara and bread or ewa agoyin and agege bread o) I mean the "hungry" that makes you dash down to the mama-put stall around the corner or even call the food seller with a tray on her head and ordering a plate of rice with plenty kpomo-looking pieces of meat in a metal or plastic plate- THAT kind of "hungry", I began to feel really depressed.
Her page was filled with all the yummy goodness I would give ANYTHING to eat now: agidi and stew, moi moi, snail stew, udara, uziza flavoured okro soup, suya, corn meal pudding or better known in igbo as nri oka - all very local delicacies. I've recently had to unfollow some food pages I used to follow only because the beautifully presented plates of exotic looking meals that used to attract me in the past now actually repel me as my senses just want to be assailed with local, very local meals so, although 1qplatter's page was still pleasantly decorated with beautifully presented meals, I think she tries to stay in the "local Nigerian delicacy" lane....

I called my mum and when she asked why I was sounding down, I tried to explain how I was feeling and how that I was hungry but couldn't even find anything to eat and then, I didn't know when I started crying, lol. She tried to console and encourage me to cook with what I had in the house etc, then she eventually started laughing at me and somehow, it all just seemed funny so we started laughing about the whole thing as she assured me she understood exactly how I felt.
I decided to make myself a cup of mild coffee after our conversation and, you will not believe that halfway through my cup of coffee, I felt as good as new! Lol. Which is strange as I know too much caffeine is not advisable in pregnancy but I feel soooo much better now- could I have found a remedy for my pregnancy blues then?

Anyway, just thought to note that down.
Hope you've had a great week.

Love Always,


  1. Lols sorry you hear, it will pass soon enough. Funny enough when I was pregnant, everything repeled me I couldn't stand the thought of eating, I had to force myself for the baby's sake. Pregnancy and its wahala. Good you're feeling OK sending you squishy hugs.

  2. My gosh, I hope you feel better soon... I remember when I was pregnant with Valentina, I was so disgusted by most food and had cravings for crazy foods... I used to make my ex go out at midnight an get me things ... I loved being pregnant just not all the food dislikes and crazy cravings xox

    1. Lol @ go out in the night to get food, lol! Talk about crazy pregnancy behaviour, hahahah!

  3. Awww, soweeee. Kai, this pregnancy thing sha. Thank God it is just a phase. You will be alright.

  4. Hmmm...You're telling my story. Especially the #shitty# feeling,thats what I call it too. My only consolation is when I look at my princess; I know this #mess#i have become,will soon be worth it. But seriously,I wish I could have twins and reeeeeeest forever. It isn't fun abeg.