One of those days....

peppered snails: pic from wivesconnection

Pregnancy blues and lethargy can be a bitch sha and today just happened to be one of such days.
My week's been so-so, some days start not so good and get better by midday- after a lot of investment that is: prayers, studying my bible, watching a fave tv show, playing and connecting with DS, speaking with family....

What's been up?

I really thought that this time at home would have me putting out countless posts daily but, alas, the opposite is the case: my creative pool seems to be dried up for some reason.

That's just their way of life: get used to it.

I can't even count how many times I've heard this statement since I moved to Jand and I still can't wrap my head around how it can be. Maybe in time I will.
I'm speaking about the general jand-oyinbo behaviour of smiling in front of you and stabbing you behind the back.

Pulling out the unexpected from the marriage box (2)....

So, flowing from my previous post, the unexpected things that can sometimes find it's way into a union, I am now aware that quite a few people are giving up Christianity and becoming "free-thinkers" or Atheists.
Ese Walter has now toed this line and I feel bad that she got to this point due to having become disillusioned after her experience with pastor Fatoyinbo of the COZA fold. When the shepherd causes the sheep to go astray...

On the Linda and Wiz kid saga.

So over the weekend, there was much ado about the beef between Wizkid and Linda escalating because Wizkid had gone on Linda's instagram page to insult her as seen in the picture below- because Linda exposed the fact that the home he lived in was for rent and he was being evicted.

After insulting her, Linda thought to address the allegations in the insult by putting out this write up on her blog: