When that old, deceptive serpent reasons with you.....

So many times and occasions come to mind when I think about my title: it is that thought in your head when you know you are not supposed to do something but you find yourself giving yourself very valid reasons why it is indeed, not only permissive for you to do the said act but even imperative that you so do.

In the past, it was me thinking to myself, "I know I shouldn't drink because I hate how I am  and hate myself after I've had a drink BUT it's really only when I've had too much, no? I've had SO MUCH on my plate and it's weekend, I NEED TO LET MY HAIR DOWN! As long as it's under control- what does it matter? I deserve it even..... Afterall, people are literally hanging out all night having fun, I would much rather have a quiet time of fun indoors.....", I would just be fooling myself with that kind of personal conversation conveniently pushing behind the fact that, with me, one drink was never enough.....

Well, for about a month now, that old deceptive serpent tried to set me up in a way that had me having another kind of conversation with myself.
This time, it had to do with tithing.
Now let me gist you something, after I'd resumed work from Maternity leave last year, I had had this same conversation with myself: I didn't think it was just necessary to tithe. Regardless, I told myself I would "eventually" pay my titthe but went two months without paying my tithe all thinking to myself that I was trying to make some savings.
To be honest with you, how I spent my money, I really cannot say and, worse, my family- as a whole- got into a problem that financially, emotionally and psychologically bled us.
I kept telling DH, "I don't think this is a coincidence- it must have been because I didn't pay my tithe". It all finally came to a pass but I made certain to pay up all of the tithe I owed and an extra 10% of my salary in repentance to God.

That was last year o.
Now, it was just last month that I began to think to myself, "Really though, isn't it all a mindset thing at the end of the day? Isn't it because of the fact that I had/have a deep-rooted belief in the paying of tithe that it seems to play out like that in my life? Perhaps, if I searched the scriptures well and found a reason that justifies the paying of tithe as obsolete, just perhaps, I would be free of this....", I kept up with myself.
I tried to study the scriptures to find a reason why it was unnecessary to pay tithes and found none.
Then my line of thoughts took a different turn, 
"What about people who earn the minimum wage in this country or even less and still have to put up with accommodation? Say, if a person earned 500 pounds and paid a rent of say 450 or 400 pounds, surely, even God expects them to "apply wisdom" in the situation.....".
Then I took it to DH as a question and he stopped me right in my tracks.
"If you cannot pay your tithe to God when you have little, you most certainly will not pay when you have more- tithing is not even something you joke with- you MUST pay your tithe and, remember, God loves a cheerful giver so you have to do it with joy".

I thanked him so much but I don't think he realised just what God used him for at that particular time.
I asked God for forgiveness and paid my tithe with glee.
Just last week, I received a letter notifying me of my salary increment.
Then still last week, I was invited for a meeting/investigation as to why I had used a facility which I had previously used in a different job role.
In truth, I had not even known that I wasn't supposed to use the facility as only a few people were given access to it as it was rather classified and, believing that I still was in that role but only helping another department and believing that to be the reason I still had all of my access intact, I still used it.
I would have lost my job this week as a formal hearing was held that lasted about three hours for a decision to be reached as to what my "conduct" was to amount to.
You can imagine that within the three hours wait period, I had had a lot to think about:
1) I had realised that my job was important to me
2) I had hit up several work-from-home jobs sites for mums especially and, you will not believe, had applied for about five of them whilst still in the waiting room,
3) In all of that, I kept reminding God that I was a thither and even though I'd not been faithful in the past, I'd repented genuinely and had kept on tithing- even on my recent increase.

I finally prayed that God's will be done: if I lost my job, then I'd know that it was because He wanted something else for me and THAT would have been the only way He could get me to take my attention off of the rather tiresome routine of a 9-5....
I was let off with a warning because it was realised that I hadn't even known that I wasn't supposed to use the facility, my access was supposed to have been disabled and it was obvious I'd been totally ignorant of the implications of my usage.

So it is in this kind of economy that satan wants to trick me into losing my job, eh kwa?
Can you then imagine how all this would have played out if I had not paid my tithe?
I'm still thanking God honestly, I know, I know, I should be thinking of becoming my own boss and all- my head is there but, for now, a bird in hand na the real thing biko, I no fit shout.

Just thought I share this,
Until we meet again here my friends,
Love Always,


  1. I go back and forth on tithing which is selfish on my part. I know that when I pay I have enough to live on and I have great blessings.. yet I talk myself out of it... I just need to do it and do it joyfully xox ♡

    1. It's so important Launna, especially if one is a Believer.

  2. I personally prefer to us the term return rather than pay since all belongs to God in the first place. He blessed us with the job and we return a portion to Him. We can't pay God.

    Anyway, I am a firm believer in tithing and have experienced the blessings as a result. My Mother has taught me well by example and God is truly faithful. The beginning of this year I decided to be more consistent and purposeful in my giving and guess what??!!.....you'll have to read my recent blog post to find out :-)