When the chicken hits the mark!

So, my son's nanny recently inquired as to why I did not use "hard chicken" to cook.
"Hard chicken?", I'd asked, only because I couldn't see the difference between one or the other.

When I first moved to the UK, I did notice the taste of the chicken to be a bit on the bland side and the chicken a bit tender to cook but I got used to it pretty quickly.
I remember my first year here...... I had been so miserable.
I missed Nigerian food so much and, indeed, I did have a particular dream of coming home to a buffet filled with all of my favourite meals for two months straight- Afang, peppered snails, Abacha and ugba with mede mede, Isi ewu with utazi, that kine thing.... I sha never ate in those dreams.
Add to that the fact that I had gotten pregnant right away, my cravings were strictly "Nigerian" in nature.
DH and I would drive to Peckham once in like 3 months to stock up on Nigerian food- a carton of yams, a carton of unripe plantain (the essence of buying the carton would be that some would ripen as time went on), smoked chicken, fish, unripe plantain flour, beans powder, cow leg etc, etc.

After I had DS though, those crazy cravings settled and, perhaps because DH and I had started making plans for the future which entailed us living apart for a while and perhaps because I still didn't drive and knew that these Peckham trips would come to a halt, I started to jejely adapt my palate to what was easily within my reach.
Add to that the fact that I had gone two full sizes up during breastfeeding (from a 12-16) , my meals became tailored to fit my new fitness goals. That meant that instead of yams, I ate sweet potatoes, instead of seeing "veggies" as strictly "vegetable soup", I incorporated a lot of spring greens, broccoli, cauliflower and any other kind of veg that tasted good when I cooked it.
Palm oil was thrown out or reduced to a barest minimum and I cooked with coconut oil.

Anyway, when she sha mentioned the "hard chicken", my flashback was to the days of having mad cravings (think cow foot, goat head and shaki ) that took one on the long drive to Peckham and my first response was, "Why go through that stress though when you can make do with frozen drumsticks and chicken breasts?".
Ben Murray-Bruce will say it's the common sense approach- that's exactly what I thought too.

Last week, the nan went to her home for the weekend and came back with a few birds which she proceeded to make into a "light soup" and she handed me a large bowl of soup with plenty pieces of chicken in it!
I tasted the chicken and THAT WAS IT!

I did not know where this woman found the okuko igbo  she used to cook that light soup but after eating that chicken, I realised there was no going back to what I used to know- there was no way I could eat the drumsticks in the freezer- how could I stand to cook those things again?
I'm not sure I am happy or sad about this discovery.....
I have since bought three hard birds from a pakistani shop and they've been cut up and are now being preserved in my freezer- I'm just watching to see if this crave settles (as things I normally rave about can sometimes do) or if this is it for me.
Either way, I have eaten some "hard chicken" and I can testify that when you go "hard", you may never want to have "soft" again.

Until we meet again my friends,
Hopefully to chat about something less random (although alot of my posts, as I think I've mentioned before, will really quite be random musings...),
Until then,
Love Always,


  1. Enjoy your hard chicken till the next crave... How are you hun?

    1. I'm doing good dear. Trying to take things easy.
      Hope you and yours are in great spirits?

  2. I am sure once I am traveling I will go through trying out many foods and missing what I am used too but I am hoping it will broaden my palette...I hope you enjoy your chicken... have a great weekend xox

    1. That was exactly what I had hoped when I came abroad but I grew homesick .
      Thanks Launna!

  3. Hahaha-very true. Personally I buy d hard chicken ooo ,all those 'poko poko' heavy frozen broiler no follow biko. Chicken curry sef Is way better than that 'poko poko' lol

  4. Hahaha-very true. Personally I buy d hard chicken ooo ,all those 'poko poko' heavy frozen broiler no follow biko. Chicken curry sef Is way better than that 'poko poko' lol