Sleepless in sleep-deprived-ville.

Since last week, I have woken up against my wishes at either past 2 o'clock am or a quarter to three and I stay up for a full hour or more before I am able to go back to sleep proper. Reason? DS just wakes up for no reason and gets irritable. I do everything to pacify him to no avail: there are normally two standby bottles which he has through the night but when he wakes up at those hours, nothing gets him to fall back asleep. I'd check his nappy, moisturise his skin in case it is the eczema he's suffered with disturbing him, try to cuddle him- nothing works, he just is irritable and cries incessantly for a full hour and some before he finally settles back to sleep.

I honestly have found this increasingly frustrating as my alarm goes off at 6am and I go to bed at 12am- losing an hour's worth of sleep tends to mess up my day and keep me in a sour mood ( although my colleagues swear I'm the most cheerful person to be around and say I'm always smiling- I guess it's how one feels inside that truly matters then ). I had slept rather late on Tuesday night as DH was aboard a flight and headed here and, as always, I was up late praying and just generally waiting in anticipation: I finally fell asleep at half one in the morning. 

And then DS wakes up at past 2 am and begins to fret. There was nothing I didn't do to beg this boy to stop crying to no avail, at a point I almost started crying myself as I was really exhausted.
Exhausted and annoyed, I almost smacked him ( to at least give him something to cry about ) before I caught myself before I could go through with it. I felt terrible I'd been that annoyed, after all, he didn't know what he was doing and was only a baby- the Dr had said he was probably teething and if that was the case, then it wasn't his fault. I cuddled him throughout until he slept off. Suffice to say that I had barely closed my eyes for what felt like mere minutes before my alarm went off. I managed through the day on several cups of rather strong coffee..... which is not really good for me at the moment....

The reason for this post is that I was thinking to myself that a lot really changes once one begins to have kids. Although I've never really been a big sleeper as I battled insomnia for so long, I still managed to get the REM (rapid eye movement) kind of sleep for a few hours consecutively and that served me just fine for a few years. I also began sleeping well after I moved to the UK as I adopted a lot of healthier habits and lifestyle. 

However, I was just thinking to myself that since I've had DS, I cannot remember sleeping through the night without any disturbance- apart from the first day my mum had come from Naija for omugwo (I had literally dumped DS with her whilst DH and I retired to our room and slept for like 5 hours straight- it had felt like 10 hours worth of sleep- we had been so exhausted dealing with a newborn and adjusting to the change it entailed ). It seems that one really signs off their right and freedom to sleep once they've had kids and because I don't really have anyone around me I could ask, I really want to know when it sort of ends- will one begin to sleep better when the kids begin to go to school? Or is it not for a few more years?
I know it gets better but I'm just curious to know when it does or maybe I should just wait it all out so I could probably advise other young moms?

It is well.
It's all worth it at the end of the day as this is probably the best reason in the world to have sleepless nights and for that I am grateful to God.

Love Always,


  1. Those first few years our babies are born are so trying... we love our babies but we are lacking in sleep... I rarely sleep as it is... there were times I would just beg people to watch her so I could sleep, I treasured those times... it made me a better mama...

    I hope you get to have your sleep back soon, it has been such a long time since I have had REM sleep, the last time was in September 2013... I wondered how people got by, then I was one of those people... I do wish I will be able to have REM sleep again one day.

    Thank you for reaching out to me through Instagram... I appreciate everyone who cares about me, it has been a stressful time but I am sure I will get passed what I am go through at the moment xox

    1. "...I wondered how people got by, then I was one of those people..."- story of my life, lol.
      I can't wait till I can finally get my sleep back but in the interim, I will cherish these moments regardless....

  2. Tell me about it... I've always wished mine slept through the night like some kids but no way, Dude still wakes say around 2am. One particular night I was really exhausted, I gave him a candid pep talk after he had been fussing non stop and depriving us all of sleep. When I finished, he slept off promptly and didn't wake till morning. Babe sometimes this little rats know what they're about I tell you.

    1. Lol at candid pep talk, Lohla- me I talk o but it seems my own pep talk isn't making any difference... yet. Plus, he normally sleeps well, not "through the night" per se as he wakes up to have his bottle but that used to be the only reason he woke up so I couldn't make any sense of the recent development- but I was told he was teething so that makes alot of sense to me now.

  3. Kai. Na wa o. Is this what I am going to be facing in my nearest future? I have a friend who trained her babies to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. It's called sleep training.

    But mothers are trying o.

    My first time here. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Now following you.

    1. Hi Ilola! Welcome my friend!
      Sleep training is big in the UK, infact, you are looked upon like a bad mom if you haven't placed your child on a routine by the time they are three months old here but a lot of Nigerian parents don't do it. I tried to sleep train DS when he was 6 months old because it became an issue between my health visitor and myself but I couldn't ignore his cries when I left him in his cot..... Maybe my next child will have to be put on a routine but I can accept that I didn't "pass" the routine test on my first child.
      God will help us.

      Thank you so much for visiting.

  4. A restful sleep is a luxury that I so much desired for the past 14 years! There were days I wanted to cry or scream too! I have not slept since yesterday (10pm) till now as I type (3.39pm) because when I came back from work, I quickly tidied the house, took my bath,ate breakfast,and he woke up!

    Sleep train? I don't have mind! How can I ignore the cries of a baby? A Nigerian nanny lost her job because of that. The couple were doctors and gave her a routine to follow. But when the baby cries got to her, she petted him, of course she knew there were cameras everywhere, but she could not bear it! She was fired! They told her she should understand that they have a tedious day and wanted the baby to be asleep by the time they got home so they could rest also.

    Taking care of a baby does not come with a brochure, simply follow your maternal instinct and do the best you can by living one day at a time.

    1. Lol @ nanny losing her job, are you serious?
      Those Doctors really meant business, lol.
      I understand them though, it wasn't about the sentiments at all, it was about a job that had to be done.