Putting on my armour....

The events of the past couple of days have got me in deep thoughts about life, especially in relation to death.
Untimely death is a terrible, terrible thing.
When you particularly find yourself in an environment where death untimely seems to hover, and you cannot, for good reasons, take yourself out of such an environment, you realise there is no room in your life for a lukewarm prayer life- you just have to take it up several notches.

I find that there is currently no room in my life for frivolities and for anything that does not bring me closer to God.
So many things that had seemed important to me in the past I now, and for quite a while to be honest, regard as plain vanities and cannot be bothered by.
Indeed, I still  catch myself in surprise when I see/hear people scramble and make a big show of "Living the Dream", What is Your Dream, I ask?

Mine is to build a happy, healthy home where there is peace, an overflow of love and where the unending presence of the Lord dwells.
A home where my children will always find comfort and solace in- and not in a way that turns them into coddled adults.
My dream is to impact lives positively and help people see the good in life and hold out in hope and faith until it's actualisation.
My dream is the raise children who learn very early in life to depend wholly on God and walk in His ways and not look to man.
My dream is that my relationship with God be perfect in His sight and that I get to begin to find obeying Him very easy- to live a life of obedience to God.

As much as we "only live once", I just want to be right and to be at peace and in constant communion with God.
In these times especially, I realise the need to rev up my spiritual life.
Many times I have resolved to make certain to study my bible everyday- and yet, it still is a struggle.
In the face of the wickedness that abounds in the world, where young, vibrant, progressive people are being snatched up by death with no apparent medical cause, no illness, you begin to wonder....
As much as we, in these very modern times, want to now believe that there is an intellectual explanation for everything, can we truly rule out the fact that a lot of these losses are really spiritual manipulations of the devil?
Why is there a "hum" of disinterest, a rolling of the eyes and an attendant sneering when people talk about  their struggles that have no explicable reasons?

For instance, you read that a goat, in broad daylight, turned into a human being after being hit by a truck and begins to confess their evil deeds and perhaps this is captured on video and yet, you see "modern intellectuals" make fun of it all, labelling the people who have seen these things ignorant people who cannot recognise a "mentally deranged" person- Why does this happen?
I'm asking because I truly don't know and have always wondered why and what intellectual explanations there can be for these kinds of strange happenstances.... I really want to know and if you have any explanations or answers to these questions, please share with me.

Anyway, I think that believing that spiritual battles exist does not make one less "learned" than one is- I think that knowing this keeps you aware and always prepared to fight any battles that come your way with all the tools available to you: the hospital (or any "help" facility) the Doctors, and, ultimately, the Word of God.
My resolve then is to start over in my pursuit to attain "oneness" with God, to get to a place where I not only am believing in faith to have been "raised up to sit in heavenly places with Christ" but to actually begin to see this power at work in every facet of my life.
My resolve is to (try) to read my whole bible in this year. For this I will need a good study bible- I had read someone highly recommend the Joyce Meyer Everyday Bible and I have just ordered it in preparation.....
In the meantime, I am studying with my little bible and praying for more understanding......
I'm working daily to be better prepared to face anything at all I am dealt with in life and I pray God continually strengthens me and gives me the Grace to stay obedient.

Until we meet again here,
Love Always,


  1. Judy, I wish I could get to where you are... I feel so disappointed with how somethings turned out in my life and although I have come to terms a great deal with many of those disappointments, I haven't bend able to sat it's okay and be happy with it. I want to get to a point that I say and believe that Heavenly Father knows what's best for me... I know that if I get there I'm sure I'd be happier and more at peace. I'm my own worst enemy ...

    1. Launna, you're such a strong woman who's been through a lot, surely a lot of the experiences you might have had will not all be pleasant or turn out the way you expected- I know from my own little experience that a lot of things WILL not go the way you felt they would and a lot of times, we feel weak at the way things turn out, disappointed, full of regrets, but we just have to have faith and keep believing. This is where I believe the strength comes from- trusting that which you can make no sense of to God and believing that he has the best planned for you and will SURELY bring it to pass in your life. We all have the tendency to be our own worst enemy- but we can also be our own best cheerleader..
      I'll DM you shortly.....