Life and it's ironies....

Last night I'd drawn up my plan for today (being Saturday) and top on the list was doing an early grocery shopping immediately I woke up.
I'd normally wake up at 7am on a Saturday morning but, for some reason, by 8am today I was still in bed with DS. I finally dragged myself up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, pulled on a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt and pulled and arranged my wig on my head.

I hadn't been feeling up to it at all but the intent was that making all these moves would sooner put me in the mood to head out of the door and get with the programme.
I tried to be loud enough to waken DS who expectedly woke up smiling and clapping his hands (meanwhile, that used to freak me out before, how he'd rouse himself from sleep and dive right into play- no quiet time to build up energy- he could leap up and start clapping or start saying all the things you tried to teach him the day before that you thought he hadn't been listening to. Simply Fascinating!) so I helped him brush his teeth and dress up too.

Shebi you're waiting to hear that we headed out ba?
It did not happen o. I just suddenly felt REALLLY tired and all the prepping didn't help.
I tried to take some water and to see if having some breakfast would help- for where?
It's just God that has made it possible for there to be someone in the house in the person of my son's nanny- she wasn't even supposed to really do anything on a Saturday but she just takes it upon herself to still help me out- God bless her.
She encouraged me to try to sleep or something whilst DS played with her and watched some cartoons. I really wanted to just snap out of the lethargy but it swamped me over and I sunk deeper under the covers until about 3pm when I decided that I really needed to get my son's supplies at least...
I got dressed up and left (yes o, I did not take a bath until it was evening #sideeyes) the house alone as DS was asleep. The walk to the store wasn't easy but I was on the phone the entire 30mins with DH so that helped.

Now, the reason for this plenty gist really is to talk about something I think to be ironical about life and it showed itself again today in the grocery store.
As I walked past the different aisles, I walked to the tea section to get green tea and the tea section also contained biscuits and sugar/sweeteners. What I found ironical was the fact that in times past, I probably was the last person you would expect to walk by a biscuit aisle where all manner, shapes, flavours and colours of well- creamed and yummy-named biscuits were housed and not come out bent over from the weight of my purchase.
Back in Nigeria, I loved, loved, loved all kinds "treats"- Ice creams,  Mcvities and Fourre biscuits and all kinds of chocolates and though my parents had started preaching to us from God-knows-when about the dangers of diabetes (because they both are diabetic), it just seemed to go in one ear and come out of the other.
I moved to the UK and, voila, all these treats were a dime a dozen- ridiculously cheap, available and everywhere- I had a field day in my first year and that compensated for the Nigerian foods I was missing.
I got pregnant and was diagnosed as having gestational diabetes- that was when I kinda got worried.
I kept reading up about the statistics of women who went on to have full blown diabetes after having had it during pregnancy and the figures weren't good.
Still, though I cut out a lot of sugary meals, I still ate a lot of "white" foods- bread, rice, some biscuits, yams, potatoes and the occasional chocolate.
Two things informed my final decision to change my diet for good:
1) Ballooning to a size 16 when nursing DS and seeing how miserable it felt to be overweight,
2) Having my mum have an "episode" when she was here- she'd suffered from a low blood sugar and had collapsed- I'd had to call an ambulance- seeing all of that made me realise that health was indeed wealth and diabetes was truly not a disease to flirt with if one knew they were susceptible to having it. That sobered me up real quickly and made me become cuatious.

So I found it ironical, as I passed by the biscuit aisle, that I could look at all of the yummy treats there- ginger snaps, milk chocolate digestives, milk chocolate rich-tea biscuits, custard creams, bourbon biscuits, fruit shortcakes, jam and creams, choc chip cookies- all that yummy lot- and nothing, not one yummy treat, could tempt me.
I have now grown then, if I do say so myself.
The irony to me is the fact that I now have all of these treats at my disposal, so to speak, and yet, I still am unable to eat them! #sigh.

Anyway, just thought to share that random thought,
Until another one springs up,
Love Always,


  1. I think you and I had the same day, I just didn't want to do anything today... I didn't get out... I wish I had but I finally did the laundry and get some soup made... I need to lay of the white foods... I always feel better when I eat healthy xox

    1. I managed to get back and make some food in the evening Launna.
      I'm glad you were productive at least, I'm sure you felt so much better for it :)

  2. Fortunately for me, I don't have a single sweet tooth. Ordinary small chocolate makes me feel sick, so I guess that's been helping me in this fitness journey cos I could stay off exercise and still not add weight.

  3. Fortunately for me, I don't have a single sweet tooth. Ordinary small chocolate makes me feel sick, so I guess that's been helping me in this fitness journey cos I could stay off exercise and still not add weight.