Blogging and commenting....

My mum sent me a WhatsApp message yesterday evening: "Congratulations on your salary increment!". I hit her back with, "Mummy biko where did you see salary increment ni?". I quickly called her and heard her laughing as she said that she always read my blog and had wondered (after my previous post) if she should say anything or just keep quiet, lol.
We laughed sha and then she asked how come people did not comment. She went on to say that save for one or two consistent commenters, there didn't seem to be people reading.

I laughed when she said this and explained to her that blogging, a lot of times, can be like that.
I assured her that people were reading, they just weren't commenting. "Why?", she'd asked.
I explained it could be anything: caution to commit oneself to a blog, keeping tabs but wanting to do so anonymously, just, anything at all- people have their reasons for choosing to do or not to do stuff.
I had blogged anonymously for almost a year straight in my former blog before my readership suddenly went up (and this was only because someone had "called me out" on a post I had written).
I wasn't too sure I even wanted the attention at the time..... 
Anyway, compared to my former experience, I'd say my stats are wayyy better than it had been when I started blogging- I come everyday and see that I've had quite a bit of views- now if only these visitors commented! Lol!

The thing is, if I didn't love to write, it might be discouraging  (and to be honest, it can be quite discouraging to feel like no one is reading you or that no one cares about what you are thinking ) but because I'm simply doing what I've always done in the past- which is write down my thoughts- only, I'm choosing to put it out there to the world, I appreciate coming to my dashboard and seeing that one person has just read my blog; it truly doesn't even matter to me that they aren't leaving comments. 

I am guilty myself of visiting blogs and not commenting but my reasons range from:

1) Being in too much of a hurry that I forget to comment. Or just being lazy. For instance, there is this blog I frequently visit/ed for a very long time, herroyalcrankiness- the girl is just a big fool  (and I mean that in the most affectionate way- she is just hilarious!!!).  Her blog was where I went anytime I wanted to have a laugh, her humour is just so akin to mine- but you would not believe that I almost never commented. I loved her blog, yet when I needed to comment, I got tired trying to think of anything witty to add forgetting that a simple, "Nice post HRC" was all the support I could show a fellow blogger.....

2) Being cautious: Like I wrote above, sometimes you're just watching to see how you feel about the person, you're weighing them and seeing if you really want to commit to them ( I know, that sounds too serious!) because you know you'll go all in when and if you do.

3) Sometimes it's just that feeling that there is simply nothing else to add- you feel the person has said all there is to say- I don't know if this makes sense. This is the way I normally feel when I've visited a Christian blogger who has just killed it, I'm feeling, "I have no more words to add- our spirits should just continue the communication!".

4) Being unimpressed. I don't even have to expand on that one, it's just what it is. Not every blog will speak to you and that's the truth, you visit some and can clearly see that you both operate on different wavelengths and you quickly retreat.

I have resolved to comment more on blogs regardless of how busy I am.
How else can one show support? I am currently looking for blogs that speak to me, that resonate with me and, it's not been an easy search. I'm going on blogs I already liked and looking through their "blogs I like" and I'm hoping to find a fair dozen (or more) of interesting blogs I will be active on. :)

Anyway, just thought I put it out there and let you know that as much as I love it when you read, I feel even happier when you leave a comment- it practically lifts up my mood!!!
So, please, leave your comments- go anonymous if you must but, TALK TO ME!!!!
Love You Back!

Love Always,

Oya, add your comment!


  1. I know exactly what you mean, when I first started blogging in 2009 I totally wrote for myself and rarely looked at my stats. Then when I really started writing in 2011 I joined blogging platforms and started commenting on others. Still it took me about a year and a half where I had a few faithful comments.

    I was evolving more, watching my stats too much... however; I met a great deal of amazing bloggers. Many have come and gone... blogging isn't for the faint of heart, to stay with it you have to have a passion for writing and you honestly have to care less about the stats.

    That is easier said then done... one time I saw a blog was viewing my blog and visited you :-) ... you had wrote about me so nicely, yet you had never commented. I'm happy you can see who views you sometimes, I was able to meet a like minded writer. I'm happy you're back blogging again xox ♡

    1. You have to tell me how to know a blog is viewing you Launna, I never knew that was possible! :)

      Yours is one of the blogs that I committed to upon my first visit, lol- mainly because of the transparency in it. :)

      I really won't look too hard at my stats, as long as I'm doing what I know I truly, truly love.
      It is well....

    2. Hi, when you go to your dashboard there is a traffic source ... sometimes it has the title of some blogs that look at your blog... not always but sometimes and that is how I saw you were viewing mine back then xox

  2. I agree with most of your reasons why people don't comment cos I also feel same way whenever I read a post and don't leave a comment. Most times its either I have nothing witty to add, the writer has said it all, I'm unwilling to commit yet to the blog... I'm currently not searching for new blogs, I feel it would be too much work for me cos I have a lot I visit daily and a few I comment on.

    PS: Ngozi is beyond hilarious I wonder how crazy her mind really is.

    1. I used to have a few I visited but it seems consistency is abit difficult to find.
      I've recently started reading a blog written by a pastormildred- justusgirls- it's absolutely AMAZE BALLS!!!! I actually feel like I'm reading myself when I read her blog, it just resonates with me and she writes honestly too....
      But again, consistency seems to be a struggle....
      I'm still looking....
      How are you hun?

  3. I've noticed bloggers tend to support/comment on blogs that support/comment on their posts. It seems when a blogger takes the interest/time to read and comment *usually* the gesture is reciprocated.

    1. That is true and possibly the "ideal" thing but not most people you "support" tend to reciprocate the gesture- probably for valid reasons : forgetting, being in a hurry, not being sensitive enough to realize that that a reciprocal visit would be appreciated.
      It just happens I guess....

  4. I wasn't sure it was you, but now I am. Good to know you're doing alright.

    1. Hi hun, ;),
      So happy to see you here..... #hugs