Emotional wreck.

A colleague left the business yesterday.
It is said that he's been with the business for quite a number of years and is a valued employee.
So, yesterday, a memo was sent out to all the colleagues in our branch saying that there would be a "leaving convergence" at his desk and that anyone who wanted to join in could. This just meant that fellow colleagues, CEOS, managers, all gathered around his desk and then he'd be sat in a chair in the middle and asked funny, random questions on the spot, eg,

Pulling out the unexpected from the marriage box.

DH had to travel in the wee hours of today and so the day naturally progressed rather slowly, DS and I slept till 12:00 noon- no kidding- well, I wasn't sleeping, we initially woke up at about 8am but went back to lie in bed after brushing our teeth so HE slept off whilst I laid in bed doing some catch up reading my favourite blogs.

Sleepless in sleep-deprived-ville.

Since last week, I have woken up against my wishes at either past 2 o'clock am or a quarter to three and I stay up for a full hour or more before I am able to go back to sleep proper. Reason? DS just wakes up for no reason and gets irritable. I do everything to pacify him to no avail: there are normally two standby bottles which he has through the night but when he wakes up at those hours, nothing gets him to fall back asleep. I'd check his nappy, moisturise his skin in case it is the eczema he's suffered with disturbing him, try to cuddle him- nothing works, he just is irritable and cries incessantly for a full hour and some before he finally settles back to sleep.

To come correct (honest) or be politically correct?

This week is just creeping exhaustingly....... #sigh.
I can't wait till it's Easter holiday, I need a B-R-E-A-K! The good thing is that the hubster will be around by God's grace so I'm so (singing) Exciitttteddd!!!

The worst case scenario.

For a long time, way before I got married, I always fretted about life and the tough cards it could deal, the attendant "worst case scenarios" that tended to occur. You see, even though I was/am a believer, it still was in my subconscious that I hadn't exactly, up until a certain point, learned to cope well with emotional upheavals.

Blogging and commenting....

My mum sent me a WhatsApp message yesterday evening: "Congratulations on your salary increment!". I hit her back with, "Mummy biko where did you see salary increment ni?". I quickly called her and heard her laughing as she said that she always read my blog and had wondered (after my previous post) if she should say anything or just keep quiet, lol.

When that old, deceptive serpent reasons with you.....

So many times and occasions come to mind when I think about my title: it is that thought in your head when you know you are not supposed to do something but you find yourself giving yourself very valid reasons why it is indeed, not only permissive for you to do the said act but even imperative that you so do.

Life and it's ironies....

Last night I'd drawn up my plan for today (being Saturday) and top on the list was doing an early grocery shopping immediately I woke up.
I'd normally wake up at 7am on a Saturday morning but, for some reason, by 8am today I was still in bed with DS. I finally dragged myself up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, pulled on a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt and pulled and arranged my wig on my head.

When the chicken hits the mark!

So, my son's nanny recently inquired as to why I did not use "hard chicken" to cook.
"Hard chicken?", I'd asked, only because I couldn't see the difference between one or the other.

Fashion conscious or possessed by Fashion?

I'd meant to blog early this week.
Infact, I've planned a post everyday this entire week: sat at my desk at work, all these interesting stories come at me begging to be shared on here, only, I find I am sometimes unable to make notes of these different stories assailing my mind and thoughts for one or two reasons.

A worship compilation just for you!

For a long, long time, I've searched for very "Nigerian" worship songs.
I was looking for the normal basics we had whilst going through morning devotion growing up at home and the kinds of songs that were sung in my secondary school but the best I could find that came close was the "Voice of the Cross".

Putting on my armour....

The events of the past couple of days have got me in deep thoughts about life, especially in relation to death.
Untimely death is a terrible, terrible thing.
When you particularly find yourself in an environment where death untimely seems to hover, and you cannot, for good reasons, take yourself out of such an environment, you realise there is no room in your life for a lukewarm prayer life- you just have to take it up several notches.

So long.....

On my way to work this morning, just when I'd got to the pathway leading to the entrance of the office building, someone calls to give me the news.
A dear one had passed away last night.