How is your mouth game?

My son's former nanny (that's right, that one has gone ) would often say about me/to me, in just the short time she spent with us,
" Nna na wa for this your Christ Embassy style of talking o! ".

She would often say this AFTER I had corrected something she had said to my son unconsciously.
For instance, she was wont to say things like,
" Shay-shay-shay-shame!" or "Hey! Follow-follow! I must belong!" (??? Who even says that to a child though? Abeg...) or "This boy! Destroyer of the universe!"- I didn't even ever let her exclamations, albeit made affectionately (?), rest upon my son for a hot second before I was quick to say,
 " No, no, MY SON, shall never know shame in Jesus name." or "Nope. MY SON is not a follower but a leader" (of course there is nothing wrong in being a follower but ... )- then I would proceed to rain blessings upon my son whilst she looked on in amusement, "You shall be the head and not the tail.....".
She attends Christ Embassy, I attend Deeper Life.

I just don't see how, in this day and age, with all of the awareness people have about the power of your spoken words, anyone will just be using their mouth anyhow- for why? I used to attend Christ Embassy in the past and that had been where I'd first understood the power in the tongue ( I learnt so much from that church that I would eternally be grateful to God that our paths crossed and though they are facing what might be uncertain/challenging times- what with the Divorce of the GO and wife- I still know that God will perfect His work therein )- but I also realised it was/could be a tad too much the way the members went on. I do accept that, sometimes, having a simple conversation with a BLW convert can be quite tiring- BUT they are unto something, some people just don't know how to fine-tune things to suit everyday life. Yours truly was one of such people but this has now been adjusted to not look too awkward but to still get my point across that, "That negative word ain't resting on me, no, thank you!"

Of course there have been (and probably will be) times I have not used my tongue to speak positively into my life ( my child's own is not a question- both my subconscious and unconscious minds automatically "get it" that they MUST think life/positivity where it concerns my child which then comes out of my mouth- maybe it's because I was told hurtful and damaging words all my life but I am militant that my kids NEVER experience verbal abuse) but, on the whole, I'm generally quite aware and it's a bit of a habit to me now- to always speak positively and to speak what I want to see even when I am not seeing it. It can be a bit of a struggle and was a bit of a struggle for me as a writer who wants to convey her true feelings etc- but I've learned to just write honestly but SPEAK what I want- which is why I write.
See how that works?

How is your mouth game? Do you apply this same principle to your life?

Love Always,