Comparison, the joy killer!

Last night, a friend directed me to a blog owned by someone we knew. She merely said the blog was "nice".
Before retiring for the night, I scrolled by to have a look.
There is something about blogs. There are some you visit and keep going back to because, not only are they very interesting, but you feel like you know the blogger/writer personally.
And then there are some you just scroll through and hastily leave, never to return to, as you can clearly see their reggae or blues clashing with your blues or reggae...

How is your mouth game?

My son's former nanny (that's right, that one has gone ) would often say about me/to me, in just the short time she spent with us,
" Nna na wa for this your Christ Embassy style of talking o! ".

Yearning for so much more....

I got back from church today feeling a bit flat- which is not normally the way I'd normally feel.
I always leave church feeling fired up in my spirit and raring to go but I was abit distracted today....  distracted by my greed for more- I just want so much more!!! I don't want to be a nominal Christian, to have to occasionally be wary of the "evil in the world"- I want the evil in the world to BE WARY OF ME! I WANT TO BE POWERFUL!!!

Is your toddler's ear infected?

I thought I make a post out of this just in case someone needed to read it.
I'm back from Nigeria now but the days leading up to our return had me struggling to nurse an ailing child back to health.
DS had suddenly developed an irritable cough, a diarrhoea, severe loss of appetite, and endless bouts of incessant crying- nothing seemed to appease him.