My son's 1 year "measles" vaccination was due and so I'd taken  a day off this week(officially) to attend with him at the clinic.

He'd had three shots which had made him cry for all of two minutes after which he was back to his bubbly, happy self.

Didn't get to do much else the rest of the day asides watching DS and administering a paracetamol dose when he quickly went down with a fever but that was okay.
The next day at work, my team manager pulled up a seat beside me with a nervous look on her face ( she's a new manager, had been in the team for 7 years before being made a team manager late last year- which kinda explains the nerves I think...)
"You know how you took a day off yesterday? I'm absolutely rubbish...", hitting her head, ".... I'd absolutely forgotten about it and forgot to action it - and now, a letter has gone out to you from HR- I'M SO SO SORRY!"
"So what happens? What do I do about it? Do I need to write them to expalin?", I asked.
"Oh, that won't be a problem. I wouldn't worry about it. Just ignore it.", she replied, scrunching up her nose and waving her left hand as though to wave off the incident.

I truly meant to ignore it as told but then, I remembered that these people don't really play, do they?
After that meeting that I'd had with the team manager and department manager, what had transpired was emailed me- for my information- copying in the TM, DM and one other manager that I'm not sure what purposes the information was supposed to serve to her and, by the end of the week, a copy detailing what had transpired during the meeting had been drawn up for me to sign for the purposes of HR records- every single word.
Now, what annoyed me was the fact that, though I had not been seen with my phone on the floor (it was this same team manager who said she had seen me and I had told her in front of the others that THAT was a lie- I actually don't even do that, I think it's stupid to be caught out/called out for something so stupid so I normally would just respect myself and not let my phone interfere with my work), it was written in like this,
"....it seemed to have been observed by the TM that you have had your phone on the floor during work times, however, we do appreciate that you have said that this is not the case. Going forward, it is expected that this should not be the case..."- they just had to fix that in there for reference purposes, I'm not sure what the intention for that was but it left me feeling pretty small and unprofessional to have something so silly attributed to me in the workplace- whether it was a mistake or not.

Anyway, I got home and was greeted by a rather sombre letter about my being absent without leave nor updates from work and that I contact the TM or HR team as my work was at stake.
I resolved to respond to the letter despite having being advised to ignore it; I realised that I couldn't really trust anyone and needed to cover my back- for the record- since they were themselves so adept at documenting the most mundane of things.
I got in earlier the next day and sent this a letter copying the HR team, the TM, DM, other manager and the particular HR personnel who had sent out the letter. It read:

I have received your letter dated ........ and have thought it best to respond to it- for the record.
I had been informed yesterday by  TM  that a letter had been sent out to me because TM had inadvertently forgotten to action the leave as requested by myself for  (day of absence) and I had been advised to ignore said letter.

Upon getting home and reading it, I was led to respond to it since it had already been formally sent out and also since the tone of the letter suggested it was best to so do.
I had informed TM  on the _ day of _ that I'd be needing a day off on the _ day of _ to attend my son's one year vaccination and this was approved on the _ day of _.

The suggestion, then, that I have been inexplicably absent from work is therefore clearly a mistake and I am writing in the hope that this does not go against me in my records and to assure you that I value my job and will not wilfully go against company policy(cies).
Thank you.


They responded immediately, copying the same people, with:

Dear JJJ,
Thank you for your reply to the letter sent to you.
I can assure you that every record of the letter sent to you has been deleted, both electronically and otherwise, from our systems and I hope that this email serves as an assurance that this will not have any detrimental effect on your overall performance.

Should there be any issues arising from this, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Thank you.

The TM came to me and asked why I'd sent that, saying exasperatedly, " But I'd come and explained things to you!".
With a straight face I told her that, yes, even though she had explained things to me, I had thought better about responding after I had infact read the letter.
She zoned out and dead-panned, "Okay."
I knew she was pissed but frankly, I didn't care- and it's a shame 'cause I do quite like her despite it all, I just don't trust her- with good reason as she'd tried to throw me under the bus before.
I'd also heard via the grapevine that her hubby got fired (remember it's a bit of a "family business") and so I had to cover my back in case there were any ulterior motives behind the "mistakes".

So, what would you have done had you been in my shoes and did I overreact?

Just thought I share, again.
Until we meet again here,
Love Always,

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