Is this ever acceptable?

I've just had quite a tiring day and so I got home not a little knackered.
I'm getting prepped to go on a much needed holiday and so I set out putting things in order for a light travel.
Stretching out on my bed after my lil man had gone to bed, I scrolled through blogosphere to catch up a bit and that was when I saw this story.

Now, (one of ) the male party in this saga is a psychologist I had just heard about last week: a friend had blogged about him and his instagram page and how that he was a bit of a relationship guru, yada yada, yada.
I checked out his page and, though I thought it wasn't quite my kinda scene, I made a mental note of it and decided that I would follow it should I ever come across something about it that piques my interest....
I truly don't know anything about the parties involved apart from what I've just written above but the story is quite interesting.
So it seems that the OAP tweeted the following and it was understood by those in the know to be shade thrown at the brothers in question.


I missed like one or two screen grabs but that was about it.
Granted, she probably shouldn't be talking indirectly about someone, knowing pretty well that people who follow her ( and those in their circle ) know who she might be referring to, I find that quite unnecessary and, quite frankly, unfair- especially if a person has a platform from which they seem to have a much better advantage to be heard than the other.
It is a type of bullying and is very infantile.

Annywwway, I wasn't ready for the response or series of lamblasting that followed as a result of this subliminal shade thrown by this lady:




Seriously, which man spews obscenities  like this?
More so, WHO spews obscenities like this?
I couldn't believe what I was reading, that in this day an age where people with meagre means are applying themselves and, as a result, attaining great success regardless of their under privileged backgrounds- one can write such meaningless things as, "Who are you? What do you drive? How many contracts have you won?" How utterly senseless!

One comment by an LIB commenter summarised how I felt about the whole thing- see below:

I literally visualised the Joro guy wearing full double female wrappers as traditionally worn by Nigerian married women, as per an original woman wrapper that he is, yapping relentlessly on social media- and you say this is a psychologist? A relationship guru?
I'd rather my relationship fall to smithereens and rather go cukoo than take relationship advise or mental analysis from one so irate.


2 February 2016.

I didn't get to finish this post on the  day I started it as I've got quite a lot on my hands, what with being on holiday and toting around a toddler who's feeling a bit insecure and out of his elements in a new environment and as a result is extremely clingy at the moment but I've followed this story regardless and felt a bit bad to see that the brothers had allegedly been shown out of the wedding venue- amidst stares and whispers from attendees who could not believe they dared show their faces.
I thought their reaction to the sub thrown by Gbemi very uncouth and lowly but it saddened me that they couldn't even have the self-respect to decline the "timed-out" invite they had received before they had immersed themselves in this show of shame- why bother? To further make fools of themselves?

All in all, people should learn to know who their friends really are ( something I personally struggled with for a while in a long stint of naivety) - in this case, the people in this circle are certainly no friends of theirs- and, no, I do not think social-climbing is a bad thing, are you kidding me?
The world isn't full of blue-bloods, social climbing is an accepted means of getting ahead, whether the privileged like it or not- but it has to be done with subtlety, diplomacy, tact and  grace- it is not done by gra gra.
It just makes me think about life generally and the fact that you really don't have to be among the moving crowd ( or the crowd you reckon are "moving"), you really don't have to "belong", you can be you and be just as fabulous- you do not need validation from any one group of persons to show you are made ( again, something I also fell into at some point in life ).
I really like and look up to the likes of  Linda Ikeji- she isn't royalty, neither is she striving to be accepted into this/these rather fake elitist circles but she's doing really well in her own right and in her own company.

Finally, everyone makes mistakes and everyone has had a time in their lives when they've done something particularly regrettable- at least I know I have- and so it's really not up to anyone to think to "write off these brothers"- I just hope they have learned a valuable lesson on equanimity and the art of self control/restraint in the face of provocation- it is not easy BUT it certainly can be done.

So, what do you think of this drama and are there any lessons you reckon can be learned from it?

Happy new month my friends!
Till we meet here again,
Love Always,


  1. Gotcha!!!! Yaaay finally. Don't care about those kids in grown men bodies, I'm just happy you found me, which led to me finding you lols.